Wendy's Restaurant Capital Ave Battle Creek MI4 for 4$ meal

C Nov 03, 2019 Review updated:

Bought $25 worth of food brought it home for our kids ages 1 -15 years handed out their bags and as 15 yr old bit into her sandwich she pulled out a big piece of plastic clearly it had been cut from a bag. Called she said bring it in and when we got there she said it was a hard piece of onion that they do not carry. Was NOT onion I was unable to rip it or tear it. It could have choked my child! To pass it off as anything else is idiotic. The manager took it to show her manager but we took pictures too. Calling a lawyer!!! If this had gone to my 1 yr old or 2 yr old they could have died.!! Pretty sure that alone deserved more concern then was shown by your incompetent employee who argued with my husband and called him a liar while holding it in her hand then went on to say we put our own piece of onion on it smfh. Enraged and appalled.

Wendy's Restaurant Capital Ave Battle Creek MI


  •   Jan 04, 2020

    Stopped reading after I read: from ages 1.

    sorry. you feed a baby this crap, you get what you pay for.

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  •   Jan 04, 2020

    what are you doing giving a one year old OR A TWO YEAR OLD [???] a sandwich to begin with?

    even four year olds still should have their food cut up for them!

    god what a terrible parent.

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