Wendy’smanager disrespecting emploees

T Jan 19, 2020

I come to this Wendy's almost 4 times a week. I love coming here with my wife and kids and the food is always hot and fresh. But everytime I come here the manager on site is so rude to the employees. Her name is Angela I'm not sure of her last name. No one should ever talk to people the way she talks to these employees. She uses foul language all the time. She acts as if they are nobodys to her. I see her really talk to the men working there very disrespectfully. I just feel she should not be in this type of position if she can't have no respect for others. I'm a manager where I work and I could never see myself talking to my employees the way Angela was with her employees. I didn't get any of the employees names but I would gladly do so if its required to have this complaint looked into. I feel Angela is not following the Code of Conduct that Wendy's has in place. I hope to hear back about this soon. Thank you

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