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P Aug 12, 2018

I met Wendy Via a Facebook page called Girls Love Travel. There are over 600, 000 women in that group, and it's run by a woman named Haley Woods. I have reached out to Haley to let her know my story with Wendy, as she's finding people to connect with and scam in that group. Hopefully she removes her from the group.
Wendy seems put together, and honest, but she isn't at all. I met her and got to know her a little bit over our time as "friends." When she told me she hosts "Radical Sabbaticals" for women all over the world I thought it was a great idea. She invited me to join one of her trips to Greece, so I invited two friends. During the planning she had a great itinerary laid out, however after we paid our money, she got real vague with her final plans, telling me she's taking care of all the "others" before she finalizes her flight, accommodations etc. We were supposed to sail around Greece for 7 days, with a company she had sailed with just the Fall (September 2017) before with a captain named "Jimmy." This was NOT one of her trips, but a trip she booked with someone else who isn't a scam. This is where I believe she got her idea to do something similar, but I can't be sure.
The day before we were to leave I sent her a message asking for the details of the sailing company, name of company, ports, times etc, so I could tell my family the details of my trip. Wendy refused to tell me, she said she was bound by a non disclosure, which I found peculiar and later was revealed, by the sailing company was a lie. She responded a little later with, "Heavy sigh...check your email." She said in the email "the skipper didn't keep up his end of the deal and didn't fill the boat, and would not proceed with anything less than full." She told us to do a chargeback on our credit cards to get the fastest refund and that she had lost thousands of dollars and was trying to get HER money back from the sailing company. When I questioned her, she said "all the others who booked the trip already got their money back by doing a chargeback, " HOWEVER, when I asked the booking company she used, Wetravel, (They're like PayPal, who since this incident have refused to do business with her), I was informed there were NO "others" like Wendy claimed, and the fastest way to get our money back would be from Wendy. The only people who had paid for the trip were myself and my two friends! Wendy had taken the money out of the account the month before, but never told Wetravel she cancelled the trip. Reason being, in their contract, if a host cancels a trip the host has to reimburse the customer.
Here is a list of what followed:
✅She took the money from the account we paid into the month before.
✅I found the sailing company she supposedly booked through, "Jimmy, " he informed me Wendy had never actually booked anything, she'd called initially but never got back to him.
✅The booking company Wendy used felt so bad THEY reimbursed our money even though they had no obligation to do so. She now owes them around $3300.
✅Another woman she scammed out of an "Alaska Sailing Radical Sabbatical" contacted Dr. Phil, who wanted to do a show about scam artists. They got a hold of Wendy, after several others she scammed got together, sent in stories, pictures, emails, and videos proving she was, but Wendy declined to go on.
✅She claims to live in NYC, but her passport says differently. I met her personally in Florida.
✅I've found many others she's stolen from.

Please research her heavily. This experience has humbled me greatly. It's difficult to admit that someone I refused to believe had scammed me, indeed had. She talks a good talk, and that's how she gains a persons trust. I was the lucky one though in that I got my money back, as did my two friends, but the others she scammed before didn't. If Wetravel had not reimbursed us, I'd be in the same boat. Wetravel is trying to get their money back, while also making sure to contact other booking agencies to warn them about her. Eventually, it will catch up with her.

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