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Webster Flea MarketFake designer handbags sold

My Partner and I and our Best Friend visited a Flea Market in Webster on either Market Blvd or Market Street..I don't know the actual name of it, but it's only open on Mon. and it closes at 3pm..anyway we found several vendors selling "designer" handbags..I located a Prada handbag I fell in love the time I had no clue as to how to tell a real Prada from a fake Prada so I relied on the Vendors honesty (I'll never do that again) after picking out a purse I asked if it was genuine and a Oriental Man and a young Oriental Girl both said "yes"..they wanted only $35 that should have been my first clue..I offered them $25 he countered with $30 I said $27 then he said $28 so I happily agreed and left with my "genuine Prada" the next day I came home and looked online how to tell a real Prada from a fake and what I read broke my handbag was a fake in every way..I have no doubt ALL handbags from all of those vendors are fake..I still love the style and look of the purse so I will carry it, but deep down I know the truth..Please, if you go to any Flea Markets to buy such merchandise find out how to tell the real thing from the fake so you wont get taken too! Avoid that Oriental couple at all costs..the sad thing is I believe another Vendor was trying to warn me while I was looking at the purses..I didn't hear what he said, but the Oriental guy ran him off real fast! I have turned them in to the FBI how I hope they get what they deserve

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  • No
    norasark Sep 24, 2013

    hey its a purse! everyone is getting worked up over such small potatoes! when you make a purchase educate yourself before hand no matter what it is and then there are no complaints and you can enjoy life more! EDUCATION OF ANY TYPE IS A BLESSING AND YOU DID NOT PAY A PRADA PRICE FOR THAT LESSON WHAT A DEAL! don't worry be happy:) :)

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  • Ma
    MaryLKING Sep 01, 2013

    if you are shopping for a handbag at a flea market then your plain dumb. Who seriously thinks you are going to find a Prada bag at Flea Market for even 60.00. Your just stupid you deserve to stick with handbags sold at walmart.

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  • St
    stargazer75 Sep 11, 2011

    I found most of these posts interesting and I agree with most. Totally agree if you think you are going to get a genuine Prada or Coach or any other designer bag that is authentic for cheap then you are sadly mistaken. I hate that some vendors continue to lie but you the flea market visitor need to be wiser. You are never going to find authentic shoes or handbags at a Flea market. I own a handbag store and yes at one time I did sell replicas...sold tons of them and each person who bought them knew it was a replica not the real deal. I have signs posted because I believe honestly is the best policy. I don't sell them anymore due to street vendors and flea markets. However, I see very wealthy people in my shop and carrying the designer bag and guess what some are real and some are not...who cares?

    Shame on the person who lied to the orginal poster but seriously you were very naive to think they were real. For anyone wanting to call the FBI well if you have the time go ahead but like another poster said really with whats going on in this world you want to go after a person trying to make a living in a flea market. Get a life!

    Be warned if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is...buyers be aware! And if you are a seller for heavens sake be honest or it will bite you in the tush!

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  • Fa
    fashionpolice Aug 19, 2010

    you are an idiot. Fakes are never in fashion.

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  • Mi
    mikecoco396 May 14, 2010

    WOW !!! u really are stupid...maybe i should date you ? and at the end of the date i could pay you with a third party post dated check ? i only pray you work at a 7-eleven or bus stop and NOT as a teacher.

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  • Am
    AmericanPie Apr 11, 2010

    Wow!!! Miss $27 Prada purse chick & Babydoll. I have some $35 Coach, LV & D&G Handbags that I can sell you. Then you both can come back & write Part 2 of your STUPID complaints. Babydoll: you totally went all off in to left field. Why are you telling us all about your "Chinese" boss getting paid more than you? FYI: He's your boss! Shut up be glad you have a job there are thousands of Americans that are now w/o a job & can't even afford a $27 Prada. You want more money? Continue your education, get a degree, & get yourself a Career, than you can by your complaining friend one of my $35 handbags!

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  • Sx
    SxyJsy Apr 04, 2010

    If the purse is $27 obviously it's not real. Be happy that at least you got to buy something you would probably otherwise never be able to afford. Don't you have anything better to do than complain? People like you need to shove your stupidity and boredness up your tight a**.

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  • I bought my fake prada purse in mexico for $30.00 and I love it! I know it's fake but nobody else does, most people can't afford a prada so they assume it's real. I get compliments all the time and I just smile and say thanks! I would never spend $1000 on a real one, that just pays for my next trip to mexico to get another fake handbag!

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  • Ma
    mayma Jan 17, 2010

    Why did you even post a comment here about that prada purse not being real, when anyone who knows prada knows that is a high designer name and not a name brand sold in Wal-Mart? See you just want attention, because you know Damn well you would never get a prada purse for $35, or $350 for that matter, then yoou went on to say you still carry it!!! ### please sit down and stup up! that fake $28 prada purse you got is probably the closest you will ever get to the real thing so enjoy and stop wasting your time looking to exspose these people selling these bags when you need to really be exsposing yourself!!!

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  • Bi
    bikindon Jan 06, 2010

    WOW you found a $400 handbag for 30 bucks and your shocked thats its FAKE... only in a america...

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  • Ti
    Tiquer Jun 17, 2009

    What a total idiot! Know what you are shopping for! I've been selling antiques for 32 years and if something is newer or contemporary I let someone know. If you are satisfied with having "the look" as opposed to the real thing there are ways and places to accomplish that. I agree with calling the FBI they have nothing better to do that investigate your 27.00 fake handbag! If you had spent the time on the web that you spent complaining you would have learned something. THEN, you badgered the vendor to death over price! I'd have thrown you out! Oh, RUGS are oriental, PEOPLE are ASIAN. Get a clue!

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  • Ba
    Babydoll Mar 10, 2009

    I agree with the original poster she should have reported that person to the FBI, Too many times foreigners come over to the US and cheat us hard working Americans out of our money, so tell me what country are you idiots from, China??..hey ###s, she admitted she knew nothing about those bags.. got news for ya I just bought a bottle of Boucheron at a flea market for $29 (no, it wasn't a tester) in the mall it sells for about $90 the size bottle I bought anyway online it goes for $57 and I got it for $29..I took it to a mall store and they authenticated it for me so you CAN get designer items at flea markets cheap..I bought a authentic Coach bag for $25 all coz the Woman who owned it didn't like the way it was you think it's ok to cheat someone out of their money just coz you can..shows how honest you all are!! Original poster, ignore these embiciles you did the right thing...these are the same kind of people who if a Woman gets raped the first thing they ask is what was she wearing? And if it was very little then they believe she asked for it..hey marv, at least the original poster can spell it's should..not shoudl! Talk about STUPID! hey Jenny jjj if the FBI cares soo damn much about terrorists coming into the US then why do they let Foreigners into America willy nilly then give them jobs and tax free breaks while we kill ourselves to put food on the table..why is it american money funds those terrorist attacks you so proudly mentioned..You tell me why does my Chinese boss take his FULL pay home while I get taxed out the ### and can barely pay my bills and put food on the table..why do I work my ### off to make him money and he sits on his foreign ### raking in the big bucks off my blood sweat and tears..why did he take 5% of our pay and divide it up among his fellow foreign business partners..why coz idiots like you say big deal let the foreigners cheat us out of money we deserve it..if that's the way you feel then move out of America we don't need your kind here!!

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  • Je
    JennyJJJ Jan 17, 2009

    If you are so stupid to think that a Prada bag would be $27, then you deserve what you got.

    As far as the FBI goes, yep with terrorists crossing our borders and planning to attack us, I bet they have nothing better to do then to investigate your Prada bag complaint.

    Do all of us a favor and shop at the mall. That way we don't have to listen to you whine.

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  • Ma
    marv Oct 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    THe lady that called the FBI shoudl of been arrested for being so damn STUPID in the first place for thinking she is getting a real desiner purse for $27.00

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  • Mi
    Michael Segers Oct 05, 2008
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    Verified customer

    For heavens sake, I know nothing about a Prada bag except the name, but if you find one for sale in any flea market and you get it for $27, then it is a fake. I know that much. If it sounds too good to be true...

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