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Ti Sep 16, 2019 Review updated:

I am hoping that this complaint reaches corporate office. As a fellow manager, it it HIGHLY inappropriate to share personal information to your customers or coworkers. It makes it even more of an unstable situation when Michelle shares personal court preceding information with patrons of Wawa (which also happen to be two other employees on my team). Michelle shares openly about her court proceedings, and child custody and even tells customers about calling the cops on her ex. This makes it a terrible situation when the employees come back to work and i have to alleviate the situation. Michelle has purchased gifts for some of my employees (just because they work with her exes girlfriend) One thing, she should not be giving gifts to anyone as she is supposed to lead by example as a manager.

I care deeply about my team members and this messiness that is being created and shared with out care or concern for all parties involved...needs to stop. We should be able to stop by WAWA for some great coffee without getting interrogated every time we stop.

I hope she gets the training she desperately needs as a manager. It is her role to lead others on her team and in her store. It is slowly becoming a soap opera every time any of my employees come back from there. As a fellow Asst Manager at Walmart, we were never allowed to bring our personal lives into work.

I need Michelle to act as a professional manager and keep her private and court life outside of your WAWA as it is directly impacting people negatively.

I would like a response from someone at corporate.

Please call me at my number is [protected]

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  • Ev
      Sep 16, 2019

    You probably should have contacted corporate offices directly.

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  •   Sep 16, 2019

    Why did you post her court information here? Why not just say she shares personal information?

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  •   Sep 17, 2019

    @stoppers It was shared in a building, not online.

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