Wawacustomer service

Ho Oct 03, 2019

On October 1st, around 6:15 PM I walked in with my 14 year old daughter to get hoagies for the two of us. We made our purchase with no issue. Left the store and went to my car to eat. We came back in to use the bathroom and get drinks when one of the employees at the store stood in our way near the soda machine. She had multicolored hair. As my daughter and I were talking, I noticed that the employee was "flipping us off". We went to the counter to pay for our drinks and she was at the register. Upon seeing us come to the front of the register we had to wait while she was on her personal cell phone. Then she groaned at us, but tried to use "customer service voice" on us. After we made our purchase, she growled at us as we were leaving. I found her behavior to be rude, and extremely unprofessional.

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