Wawadeli mac & cheese

S Sep 12, 2019 Review updated:

I purchase Mac & Cheese 2-3 times a week, I haven't had to return any thing in at least 3 years.
Today when I had to return some very nasty dried up Mac & Cheese, I asked if was the bottom of the bag, and the reply" was that that's the way its been coming in, there all like that " I was not not happy and suggested that they remove it form the menu. But NO their not allowed to that .
When I returned to work of course I had to hear it from my Boss because I left the office twice.

A manger should be able to make the decisions to not serve some that is going to upset customers .

Thank you, Susan Heishman


  • Ev
    Everywhere Sep 12, 2019

    You can't blame Wawa if you left work twice, just to deal with some dry mac n cheese. You should have waited till you were off work, like a rational adult would do.

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  • Te
    TellMeAboutIt82 Sep 12, 2019

    Just because the store is called Wawa doesn't mean you have to act like a baby.

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  • SubSquirrel Sep 12, 2019

    @TellMeAboutIt82 ^5 ^5

    They can’t remove an item from the menu. They can tell their boss about bad stock items but if dried up, maybe they aren’t heating it properly. I’ve never bought mac and cheese from a store as I prefer to know what I’m eating. But I think if the item is not prepared properly, it could dry out.

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  • SubSquirrel Sep 12, 2019

    “A manger should be able to make the decisions to not” furniture doesn’t make decisions.

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