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9:24 pm
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Alert for the job seekers! Be careful - the owner constantly hires new
laundry attendants, advertising 2-3 vacant positions. Then he creates
the situation when a new employee has to leave. The owner is very nice
to clients but he is extremely rood with his employees. Scenario: the
owner is not satisfied with your job (he’s never satisfied!), you leave
without pay and he pulls out another resume to call another potential
“Free Slave”. If you have any doubts when you apply, ask an attendant
who currently works the shifts that you suppose to take over: the
current attendant is not going to leave and you will be hired as a
“volunteer” helper for 1-2 weeks !

Hated it is an understatement! PLEASE if you have small children with
you, avoid this location. Very poor customer service. Our washing
machine was broken, so while we waited for the replacement to arrive, my
wife took my 2 children with her to finish the laundry sometime between
noon and 1:00 PM. So it wasn't as if it was late at night or in the wee
hours of the morning. 1 of the 5 televisions was playing an extremely
violent movie and my wife asked the attendant if they could please
change the channel to a more appropriate kids type program. The
attendant stated; "Sorry, I can't. The movie is on." That night both our
children had trouble sleeping and of course so did we! to top it off
my wife and children were the only clients that were there during this

is honestly The Worst Place ever, The owner has very poor business
skills, He is very very very very very very rude to his employees not
only belittling them humiliating them in front of costumers and clearly
does not know how to run a place. Would never recommend anyone to work
here, nor do their laundry here

owner is a [censored]bag who hires and subsequently fires new employees
without pay simply because he does not provide sufficient training for
them. please do not support this business - he needs to step down and
find work elsewhere.

This business does not ring there totals in the till and does not charge taxes everything is cash only and the owner is also selling drugs from this location, last week my kids were outside the store front and noticed the owner of the company holding a glass pipe in his hands while inside his white Ford small truck noticed the kids were looking at him and then pretended to speak in his cellular phone, THIS DUMB BLACK ###IN ### HAS A SERIOUS MENTAL AND DRUG PROBLEM AND IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED WHAT SO EVER WHEN DOING BUSINESS THIS MAN ALSO TREATS HIS EMPLOYEES LIKE SLAVES AND HAS NO RESPECT FOR OLDER AND PAY CUSTOMERS AND VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY RUDE TO SENIOR CITIZENS BEWARE OF THIS LOCATION IT'S A SHADY OPERATION AND DO NOT TRUST THE BLACK ### OWNER HE IS A SCAMMER A ONE OF THE BIGGEST LIARS I EVER CAME ACROSS THIS OWNER IS ON DRUGS 24/7 AND HAS A VERY SERIOUS DRUG PROBLEM.

Sonja Hertly


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 25, 2014 9:24 pm

OMG, I worked for this guy a few months ago. He was so nice in the beginning until he started trying to rub against me in his small cubical he calls his office. Instead of waiting for me to move out of the way he would try and squeeze by to get a cheap thrill. Needless to say when he realized I was there to work not play with him he started yelling at me in front of costumers implying I cant do anything right. He's very nice to the costumers especially the ladies, he thinks he's a lady's man. He's very unprofessional.
He did pay me even after he let me go.

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