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On 1 August 2008 (on or about) I was approached by Warrior Custom Golf to procure a golf club from them. When asked, I gave them information (private). Unknown to me, on 1 August they billed me through Chase Bank for $23.50.

As the sales person, when asked, avoided most answers. With all that was occuring, I told him I didn't want the product (golf club). I repeated this to no avail. Not even saying...DAM IT, I don't want it!!!

On 25 September 2008, the golf club was delivered to my house by UPS Ground Service.

I am asking that Warrior Custom Golf pay for my bills and also the return of the un-opened package sent to me.


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    Hobo Club Man Nov 17, 2009

    I purchased a set of irons and metal woods back in 2003-2004 give or take a year or 2. The clubs were beautiful and worked as good as any I'd owned before, but not significantly better. About a year after I started using them, the logo plate on the back of the irons started to come unglued and in short order, I ended up with naked iron backs. They look so shody I'm ashamed to play them. It took about 6 months to get someone on the phone and when I did, they told me that they could not send me a replacement set as they don't support older designs once the new ones come out. I too am fed up with them and will never do business or recommend them to anyone else...

    Hobo Club Man

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    Darylste Jul 08, 2011

    I had done business before with WCF, several times, with no problems. I have bought several "sets" of clubs. All came with a satisfaction guaranteed money back guarantee. This last fall, I finally decided that the last set I received for "trial" was not what I was looking for. Warrior Custom Golf refused to give me a return authorization number and thus I could not return the clubs for a refund. After several phone calls to their "resolution" department, I got no satisfaction. I would not do business with them again, ever.

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