Walmart Storeswalmart did not replace defective bb gun which broke after the third discharge.

Review updated:

I bought a Beeman P17 BB pistol that fired 3 times. When I returned it to the store to get another one, a store credit or my money, I was told that all firearm sales are final. The store manager was callas and did not care that I was a loyal Walmart customer, spending over $600 a year there. My receipt stated "No return for ammunition purchases. It did not mention guns. The signs posted where guns are stored reads: "All Firearm and Ammunition sales are final." Under the Federal Law, a pellet gun is not a firearm. Liability for false advertisement aside, Walmart should take responsibility when it places a defective product in US commerce. Furthermore, a responsible company, which Walmart isn't one, should not shaft loyal unsuspecting consumers with lousy junk products that do not work.
BYCOTT WALMART. I will never give Walmart another penny worth of business. Neither should you!

Oct 08, 2019
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  •   Oct 08, 2019

    Wow $600 a year in sales lost!

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  • Ye
      Oct 09, 2019

    The child that posted should have asked mommy's permission first before posting and making a huge fool of themselves. They cannot return the BB gun. Also how were you able to purchase the BB gun in the first place without a adult? The parent could have explained two things to this child.

    1. The BB gun is considered a firearm
    2. This is not False advertising.

    What is a shame is kids do not ask their parents first before posting. This includes little Nicky.

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  •   Oct 10, 2019

    Fvk you and your bbgun!

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