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P Dec 20, 2019

I won a American Express gift card at work. On my day off December 20, 2019 went to store #7020 about 9:30am went shopping at Walmart in LaVergne TN for Christmas dinner. I checked out at the self check out with my gift card it would not process payment. Asked for assistance she told me to swipe card then it prompts you to enter security code. I told her to run credit. She closed the register out and printed my receipt on her register I told her this is a gift card to run it credit. She kept running debit instead of credit. She told me no you don't have to run credit. Then the card reader when you swipe card was asking me about applying for credit card. She told me to check yes. The cashier asked for my license and she scanned the barcode on my license. You don't need ID for a gift card. She could never get it to work. She told me to go to customer service. I took receipt to customer service. The lady scanned the barcode on receipt nothing came up. Customer service stated she did not close out the register so she had to rescan all my groceries I bagged up. Then she processed my gift card says unable to process. She stated there was something wrong with registers and the gift cards customers were using.
She ran card again. The cashiers were running the card debit instead of credit. I had lots of gift cards I get for Christmas. You go to a store swipe card and it will print the receipt. Customer service told me to call the phone number on the back of the card. I had money on this card. She stated she had other customers to wait on behind me. Which I thought that was rude there was no body behind me but customer service did not help me she told me American express is declining transaction. I went online there was money on that card. This store has the worst customer service they were processing payment as debit I called American express. I had money on my card and the store repeatedly kept running my card debit instead of credit. Once cashier brushed me off go to customer service nobody would help me. Nobody went to management for assistance. I took my purse and my keys and left all my groceries.

I went to Kroger got groceries, went to post office, and taco bell using the same gift card and my transactions were approved.

I am upset with Walmart the employees are not helpful have no people skills no customer service skills and just leave me hanging. I called the store #7020 615-984-0066 at 10:59 am this morning manager was not available I told them I want to talk to a manager asked if they had assistant. They transferred me somewhere some lady answered unprofessionally... yes. I told her it would be nice to identify yourself when you answer she said her name was Ashley in finance I told her my situation at the store. Got nowhere really. She stated when you scan the card you can go to options and change to credit. Nobody ran the transaction I told her the store was processing payment not me. then it would prompt me to enter security code. When you run credit on card all you have to do is swipe the card and the transaction will approve and print your receipt. This store needs to retrain these people they do not know or just don't care to help customers. I am in Walmart a lot the lady that works in self check I didn't see her today. When you have issues they just put you off on somebody. There was nothing wrong with my card. I don't appreciate Walmart employees wasting my time on my day off when they do not even know what they are doing. Where is management in the morning? How can you run and manage a store?? I go to this store frequently 3-5 times a week. I am trying to be professional about this situation. What if one of the Walmart employees had a family member issue at the store you just brush them off too. I was failed on so many levels.

Walmart had no carts when I come in plus nothing is never stocked up. Maybe I just need to go to Publix and Kroger for my groceries. Publix has the best customer service.

I am very upset about this today.

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