Waffle house - store #1585manager: vicki walden

Da Sep 29, 2019

WE are regular customers of this location & have been reluctant to say anything until today when were were there for our usual breakfast -- the wait staff there work well together & are always accommodating . . . HOWEVER, SINCE THIS LOCATION NOW HAS A NEW MANAGER, see above . . . the atmosphere has become quite a downer.
The manager, barks off orders as if she was a drill sergeant in the military . . these people know their jobs, and do them well . . . it's not their 1st rodeo . . . her tone is less than what a waiter wants to respond to . . . and the order is usually loud & can be heard throughout the restaurant --
We have been coming to this location for about 15 years & have yet to see this kind of authority in command . . . some of the staff, as evident by the look on their faces is less than we'd like to see -- they all work hard . . . to be reprimanded because you tried to help another waitress (out of your section but right next to it) is beyond ridiculous -- Maybe Vicki needs a refresher course in how to treat others -- people work better when spoken to in a less harsh tone --

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