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Ch Sep 15, 2019 Review updated:

My husband and I always come to this Waffle House at least 4-6 times a month, and never have any problems. We're always very satisfied and the hospitality the employees have is wonderful. This morning I was very disappointed though. The lady Amanda that waited on us had a very nasty attitude not only towards me but towards her coworkers as well.I told her the tea I was given was unsweet instead of sweet tea and she threw the cup in the sink and yelled at the coworkers that she'd told them multiple times about giving customers unsweet. Then as we were ordering I was told that I couldn't get a waffle instead of hashbrowns with my bacon, egg and cheese melt. Which has never been a issue before. When our food came out I was given a steak and cheese sandwich so I told her that wasnt what I ordered. She had a nasty attitude that that's why she asked me if I wanted onions. I said no about the onions because a bacon, egg and cheese melt doesn't come with onions. She then turned to a coworker and shoved the plate at them and said to make the bacon, egg and cheese and made a snobby comment, basically calling me a liar because she messed up. I myself work in customer service as well so I get everyone has bad days and things can go wrong but that was completely unprofessional and unnecessary. Especially in a restaurant like this where all the customers can hear and see everything going on. I dont normally complain but that was ridiculous. Otherwise everyone else was very friendly and the food was great as always.

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