VonsCashier very rude at Store 2434

Ap Aug 18, 2019

Yesterday, August 17, I purchased $93.99 worth of groceries from the Santa Paula Vons, Store 2434 at 3:33.
I paid with a debit card specifically because I needed some cash back. The customer card reader asks if you would like cash back and gives several choices for the amount. One of the choices is "other" amount. I asked the cashier named Linda if could get $200.00 back and she no. I then asked her how much I could get back and she said "none." I asked why and she stated that she didn't have any cash. She said that I would have to get in other lines and ask each cashier if they had any cash.
I was quite put off by this, because my basket of paid for items was filled with food that needed to be refrigerated or frozen. I was incredulous and told her so.
Then she said she could give me $60.00. I asked her to please get more cash from her manager and she said she couldn't. I asked why not and she said very condescendingly that he doesn't walk around with cash to give out. I then asked if she could borrow some cash from one of the other cashiers and pay it back before their shift ended. I have had this experience (the cashier borrowing from another cashier or buying $20's with $100's multiple times in the past without any problem.) Let me mention that I have been shopping at this particular Vons Store since 1982. Needless to say I have spent many tens of thousands of dollars at this Vons.
The cashier, Linda, then gave me 3 $20.00 bills. I noticed that her drawer contained lots of bills of various denominations and I pointed that out to her. By this time the assistant manager approached us and I let him know what had happened and that Linda was rude and was totally unconcerned with customer service. He stated that he would report my complaint to the manager.
I have had enough negative experiences and purchased enough expired products from this Vons that I have decided to take my grocery business out of town to Trader Joe's in Ventura. They are concerned with their customers' satisfaction. It is a pleasant, less expensive place to shop. Why should I keep doing business at Vons?

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