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I purchased 2 diabetic cook book magazines then I bought a book at Barnes and noble decided I did. Not need the diabetic magazine it was not used and perfect condition I did not read or even open it I went to store to get a refund and the clerk was very rude said I can not return .. in the store website there is no where in the policy listed that I can not return a magazine I was very upset because I needed those funds back to purchase a item for my baby that night ... I have the receipt I had paid cash for it .. if there was something listed About retuning a magazine I would understand but there is Not ... I feel that I am owed a apology and a full refund I was not treated properly I was not greeted when I went to purchase and also I was waiting in line with no clerk for almost 10 min the store was less than 10 min to close another. Complaint I had was I asked to purchase fire wood as usually the wood is on the way out to the store he then said I don't know if we have any I said ok I will get it somewhere else on the way out there was a mountain of firewood I felt he should have checked for me or at least knew what was stocked in his store but there was 4 people behind me and Since he had took a break before checking me out he was probablyWas in a hurry to close I have the date of service maybe someone should review it to see what behavior he has because as corporate I would not want him working for my company



  • SubSquirrel Dec 06, 2019

    Reading materials are not returnable because you could have read it and returned it.

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