Vonsracially biased customer service

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Had a negative customer service experience at this location while using self checkout. The culprit, an extremely large/intimidating Mexican woman named Maria became agitated and angry when I needed her help purchasing produce. When you purchase produce the machine will tell you to accept the weight and then tell you to move the produce to the bagging area. Next the machine will say incorrect weight. It never fails. No matter what produce you're purchasing it does this. My help light automatically started flashing. I made eye contact with her and motioned for her to please come help since she ignored the help light. She sighed, rolled her eyes, it was all very condescending and aggressive. I was terrified. She's twice my height and size, and is mad at me because she has to do something other than look at her phone. A little googling showed multiple reviews and complaints regarding Maria. I informed corporate of all this and nothing has changed. How do I know? Although I refuse to step back in this store with that thug here, my online review has received message responses. One just recently alerting me they've had similar experiences with Maria. Unfortunately some seem too cowardly to complain. Not that I blame them. Who knows what gang ties this thug has?! In my haste to get out of there I snapped a photo of her snarling at me as I bagged my groceries to go. It's grainy, but it shows exactly what I'm talking about. Alex Hernandez is the "store director" Jesus is the stores manager, and Maria is the supervisor. I concluded that in order to get respect at this store you have to look like those who run this store. I'm not Mexican, so...I can't believe corporate allows this. I'm attaching the photo of this thug snaring at me. Snarling at me while she's on the clock and I'm a paying customer. It's so appalling.


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    Whiny? My kids call me a cry baby. They’re young and likely troll the net just like you all do. I’ve been crying for our troops all week. Couldn’t get through a full prayer without breaking into tears. The news that there were no American casualties with the recent rocket launches brought even more tears and reinforced the fact that prayer works. My tears don’t justify Maria’s actions nor the actions of those who enable her. Scared? Try terrified! She’s bigger than me in every aspect, and with the recent surge of ms13 in our area and not knowing her affiliation, I’m much more than scared. I concede that I am very emotional, shy, timid, and I confess that it breaks my heart that this can happen on American soil with an American company. If this were Vallarta I might be able to understand, however as an American I shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable or be treated badly because I’m not Mexican-American.

    racially biased customer service
    racially biased customer service
    racially biased customer service
    racially biased customer service


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      Jan 08, 2020

    She is not snarling in that picture. She is looking irritated because some whiny-ass customer is taking her picture without permission.

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