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Marci Meikel AKA Voice4radio is the most unproffessional representation I have ever met regarding the voiceover industry. She hired me a month ago to do voiceovers for her and said I was to bill her at the end of the month and she would put the money in a pay pal account. I did spots for her all month plus redid spots when she had written poor copy. At the end of the month she did not pay and questioned the amount she had quoted me per spot. I had to send her the email in which she stated the price. She also had said as of this month August 1st the rate of pay was going up. She again refused to pay that saying she would never pay that amount. I have it in writing saying she would pay that. Most people with my level of expertise would not even do spots for the amount she is paying but this industry is very tight right now and any money is helpful. So I said just do it because you have a family to feed. She degraded me when I asked for the money and she lied. Her behavior was abbhorant and I would advise clients and talent to stay away from her. If she did this to me she will do it to you or to a client.

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