VNI -FlyAmerica VacationVacation cerificate FRAUD

I recieved a invitation on my Birthday to sit and hear this presentation, of course to sell vacation getaway. I didn't go for it, they promise me a gift card they didn't have it, so I complained and threatened to contact Atty General, so about a month later I got. I decided to pay 7.95 to register for my trip, but I got concern after sending it off, there is so contact numbers and the website: is just a(1) page crap that doesn't answer the questions I needed to know. These people need to be stop even if they just collect 7.95 or $75 per person for ticket it adds up and they don't deliver. I say they need to FRY, so I am on board! If it sounds too good then most of the time its a scam. This VNI/Vacation Fly America and whatever other names they use are FRAUDs. Good luck to those trying to get your refunds and don't give up fight to get whats owe to you


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    KathyJShelton Jul 26, 2011

    I agree they are frauds. I told I Globe Travel I wasn't interested but thank you for presenting this idea. FlyAmerica has a child like web page & I never got the tickets either. $176.00. Im pursuing investigation with local BBB, Police & Attorney General. Anyone want to join in a class action lawsuit.

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  • Tr
    Trina Dunn Apr 09, 2012

    it has been 60 days and I have YET to receive my certificate after sending my processing fee...
    Yes I will join in on the class action lawsuit.

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