Village Inn Restaurantsfailure to transfer employee correctly resulting in job loss / failure to notify employees of shut down of location resulting in job loss

Da Oct 02, 2019

I worked at the Village Inn on San Mateo and requested for a transfer to a different location. I showed up to the secondary location to talk to the manager about being put on the schedule. From my understanding that's all that had to be done. All the paperwork was done by the managers. When I showed up for work the manager Tanya couldn't find me in the system. They tried multiple times to get me in and tried reaching out to corporate but couldn't get an answer. They stopped contacting me and left me without a job. I have things I need to pay too. I'm living on my own in Albuquerque and have rent i need to get in. / At the Village Inn on Menaul, management failed to inform us employees that the establishment was being shut down therefore resulting in me losing my job. These are two of many problems that have been happening within this corporation. My name is Danae Pineda Please contact me ASAP at [protected].

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