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Mt experience with video game 911 was awful. My playstation would not play a Bluray. I sent it to Videogame911 and paid them 156.00 for the repair. When the unit came back I put the first disc in and the PS3 shutoff and wouldn't power on. I paid to send it back to them again and they wouldn't repair it without me paying another 100.00. I fought with them but ended up paying 50.00 for the repair. The unit comes back for the second time and the video is jumping on the screen. I contacted them and they said to send it back to them again. I shipped the unit to them at my expense and was told I would have to give them even more money to get my unit back working. In our discussions I realized they were testing only the standard def, composite video output and this is why they didn't see the problem. Very strange thing to do on a high def device. I argued with them but they would not return my unit. I was forced to pay them three times for 1 repair. I should have just sent it to sony for repair. DO NOT USE VIDEOGAME911. I have paid them over 240.00 not counting all my shipping cost. I also lost a controller due to shipping damage in the whole process. VERY UNHAPPY!!!


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      Jul 30, 2009

    I sent my PS3 to video game 911 in January. By June it had failed again, so I decided to send it back to them. Since the 90 day warranty had expired, I had to pay a little over $150 plus shipping. I received my PS3 back shortly after July 4th, and by July 16, it failed again! This time the repairs were still under warranty, so I sent the PS3 right back to them (I still had to pay to ship it) so they could repair it for free. At first, they didn't want to honor the warranty, but after several e-mails they realized that I was not going to take no for an answer and agreed to fix my PS3. On July 30, I received my PS3 back from them and when I tried to power it on...nothing!!! They hadn't even fixed the darn thing!!! Today I sent them an e-mail asking them why no repairs were made. I am still awaiting their reply. At this point, I am not willing to accept anything less than a full refund and if they do not wish to comply then I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. DO NOT SEND YOUR CONSOLE TO VIDEO GAME 911!!!

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      Nov 12, 2009

    Damn it. Too late I already sent my XBOX 360 in month ago. Still havent gotten it back after I cancelled their service. ###!

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      Oct 23, 2010

    this review is for a store called video game 911 which is located on 411 east main st denville n.j. i brought my x-box into that dump to get fixed because they told me that it would only take 24 hours to fix, (which was the biggest crock of [censor]) it took them two weeks for them to tell me that they could not get my x-box to work and the owner (some little cocky doofball with the big nose named vince) told me that i could buy a re-furbished x-box for $250.00 that place is a joke, you can buy brand new ones for $199.00 not only could they not fix it but they messed it up alot worse then it was when i first brought it there, screws were missing the side of the machine was chipped . now my machine is just a plastic box worth nothing. i do not recommend this place to anyone unless you want to turn your game system into a ash tray because that is the only thing you can use it for after those get done with it. while i was there i heard the way that this little smuck was talking to his employees and i feel bad for them, he has a bunch of young kids working there and all he did was yell at them and tell me that they were stupid like that is what i wanted to hear while they were working on my system. i should of turned around as soon as i got there because when you pull up to the place it looks like a auto repair shop. my advice is drive right buy that dump and dont ever look back.

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      Nov 16, 2010

    video game 911 uses used parts from broken game consoles!!!-DANGER!!!BUYER BEWARE!!!-THEY ARE FRAUDS

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      Nov 16, 2010

    Even If video game 911 offers to pay YOU to repair your unit-----It would STILL be a rip off!!!

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      Dec 22, 2010

    I took a chance on these guys rather than send my failing PS3 to Sony. With their online communication it seemed like they knew what they were doing; I authorized and paid for a Blu ray drive motor repair, along with a HDD upgrade. I spent a lot of time online researching what could be wrong with my PS3, and I was afraid it was a damaged Blu ray Lens because of the way it was acting, so $98 for drive repairs and about 2-3 days in the shop= not bad!
    Unfortunately, while they did seem to get the PS3 to accept discs, it still doesn't read them properly, and is no more functional than when I shipped it to them. They could not have tested my system as they said they did; this would have been noticed immediately! Now I think my fears were probably right: I think I need to replace the entire Blu Ray drive (which I'm comfortable doing myself and should cost less than $98), but I basically paid these guys around $180 for an HDD upgrade to a broken system.
    Don't be dumb like me; either do not use VG911, or if you do, when they offer you $75 for your busted system take the money and put it towards another system.

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      Feb 25, 2011

    I have gotten a few systems repaired by and always had fast service. The online communication made it really easy to deal with and they gave 90 day warrantys with the repairs. all in all it was a quick easy transaction and the prices weren't so bad. Obviously they can't please everyone but my business with them was pleasant and uneventful. They even repaired my PS3 that I basically took apart and didn't think had a chance.

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