Victoria's Secretsecurity tags purposely left on items

This situation started out fine. The young lady on the floor was very helpful. I told her I needed sports bras. She recommended two that were on sale, two for $25. I had two coupons. (1 was birthday) I had one expired coupon and asked if they would honor it. She said they would, and told me to let the person at the register know that she had said so. I also needed a regular bra, another lady was very nice and professional. I picked out a bra. My experience changed when I got to the register. I got to the register, the young lady at the register said that they could not honor the expired coupon because it was past one week. I told her that I was told by the young lady on the floor that they could accept it. I asked if I could speak to a manager. I told the manager that I lived two hours away from any Victoria Secrets store or mall. It's not always easy for me to use these coupons. The manager was nice enough and said that they would honor the expired coupon. The young lady at the register did not seem happy that I was allowed to use thes coupons. She neglected to remove the security tags from my sports bras. I went to wear one and I couldn't . I think the young lady left these on these bras on purpose because she was pissed that I got what she said I could not have. I called the next morning. The manager Ona (I don't think this is the manager that allowed me to use coupon) said that she would speak to the young lady. She also said I could have a 20% coupon off of a $300 purchase. This is not acceptable. I don't have $240 to spend. This was not helpful. I can't wear these bras. I'll have to bring back the next time, I'm in town. I'm a very disappointed, unhappy customer. The cashier's number is #3252492.

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