Victoria's Secretassociate

Pe Oct 10, 2019

I went to use a birthday coupon $15 off an angel's purchase and to use a free panty coupon. I made the line, there was a long line and only 2 associates in the registries. The associate Nancy was trying to make me buy more panties. I understand that's what they are supposed to do to sell more. I kindly explained I have too many panties and I only wanted 3 panties to redeem my coupons. She told me I had to get Pink panties then because I had Victoria Secret panties. I went to the Pink section, right behind the registries, it was really quick and grabbed 3 more panties and stood close to her to pay since I had already made the line and I am 39 weeks pregnant and did not think I had to make the line again to pay just enavsue I went to exchange the panties super fast. People in the line did not complain pls I was going to explain I just stepped out really quick and had already made the line so they would not feel disrespected. The associate Nancy noticed I was waiting and asked me to make the line again. I reminded her I had already made the line and went just to exchange the panties and she said I still had to make the line again. Obviously I did not think that was fair and I told her, left the panties and gave away the coupons so someone else could benefit from them, plus I am not planning on ever going back there again. I was almost in tears because I felt so mistreated, and I don't feel like this because I am pregnant and sensitive but because this was obviously very rude and I believe the associate might have gotten mad at me because I did not want to but more panties as she suggested. I really own a lot of panties and bras from VS and right now do not need to buy more. Just wanted to take advantage of my birthday coupon. Today is 10/10/19 and the incident happened around 3:45pm. There was another associate next to her who can corroborate what I am saying. I just would like the associate to maybe be trained properly on how to treat customers in a polity way. She was rough from the beginning and I am a very understanding person, but I need to complain, in case another customer can be saved from going through what I went through. This is the first time I complain about anybody in the retail business. Thanks

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