Victoria Nolasco (Zumba Latín Ex)zumba instructor

K Jul 23, 2019

Zumba instructor victoria Nolasco has been very possessive over her clients (students) not wanting them to go to other Zumba instructors and bullies them into staying in her class only!!! I am one of her victims!!! She did not make me feel very welcomed and I felt very uncomfortable in her classes she has preference over her friends and made me feel not welcomed!!! If bullying is what Zumba represents than this is something that I am not wanting to be a part of !!! Of course I found the best Zumba instructor now and i drive 25 minutes from where I live just to take classes Xóchith Ramos aka (la chika zumba Queen )!!!
So what I will ask is that you take a look into Victoria nolasco's zumba certification hopefully you can take care of this situation please and thank you

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