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Verizon Fiosbilling, customer service, and installation!

Before I even Signed Up for (approx. 3 months prior) FiOS I had gone on the Verizon website and put a package together for TV, Internet, AND Phone. I never submitted the agreement or was even sent any equipment, just simply looked at what it would cost me and what options I had.

1st Issue Prior to FIOS: 3 Months later I received a PAST DUE letter for over $200 for just FiOS phone charges that I NEVER Signed up for. Never had a single call, never even had a phone!

I originally signed up for Verizon FiOS TV and Internet in September of 2008. At the time I signed up Verizon had a special going for Free DVR for 12 Months. At that time Verizon also had no lines of any kind running from the road to my house.

1st Issue: It took them from September until December to come out and install the lines.

2nd Issue: If I was not home to help the tech find the lines he was prepared to say he couldn't find the line when all it took was me helping the man listen to a conduit, they should have sent 2 men, if it wasn't for my own intuition then I wouldn't have ever had cable.

3rd Issue: I did not receive my first 2 bills and then again received a PAST DUE notice. I called and they told me that all new customers only received Email bills. I went online to get my bill, guess what, you need your account number from the bill to register/sign-up. So where was I supposed to get my account number to begin with. Very poor communication, very bad design.

4th Issue: I went online to pay 1 bill of approx $260 and was charged 3 times on the debit card account. It over drafted my account and cost me fees. It took 16+ hours of lost work to fix the situation over the following weeks and they just barely paid the overdraft fees after fighting with supervisors. They gave us no compensation for our lost time and frustration.

5th Issue: After 6 months of non-stop problems I finally relieved my first bill on time from the company in my mailbox. After reviewing the bill I saw I was being charged for an internet package I never signed up for and DVR at $20 a month! I called to resolve the Issue and they credited the internet package up to that date but did not remove it from the subscription (And this was a supervisor). They have refused to remove the DVR saying that it was not part of the original agreement.

6th Issue: A customer service representative 3 times tried to sent me my orignal agreement which I have NEVER SEEN via E-mail. After sitting on the phone for 2 hours trying to resolve the DVR issue she wanted to get off the phone with me while I waited for the Email and then have me call back, explain the entire issue to someone else, etc. At this point I was very frustrated and explained to this woman that she doesn't know jack about jack because even a child can tell you E-mails take absolutely no time to be received. I still have never received this E-mail.

7th Issue: I have spent hours on a run-around trying to use their phone system only to be told over 10 times that I was in the wrong department.

8th Issue: At one point right before my service was terminated a supervisor gave us 3 free months of HBO for our trouble with the billing. Instead of being free it was charged on my next bill.

This Issue is with the Billing Department that handles FIOS for Delaware. I'm 23 years old and have many years of paying for cable ahead of me that Verizon obviously does not want.

All I want is my DVR at $20 a month credited to me, they are giving 3 months free + $150 cash back atm, a value of $210, I'm asking for a value of $240, which was promised to me when I signed up. They should also compensate me for my massive amount of time and frustration which would be accepted in any amount of free HBO which was also already promised to me. Until then I'm not JACK that I owe to Verizon and when I get some extra money I will be taking legal action with the Public Utility Commission and all 3 Credit Bureaus.

Someone with a brain at Verizon please HELP!!!


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    TheMadMonk May 09, 2011

    I just wasted a day by taking off from work and waiting for these clowns to show up. At approximately 4:45 I began my first attemp to contact Verizon. Twenty minutes later I got a 'human' on the line. After a bunch of stalling, he finally located my account information. He then could not reacch the installer (surprise!) and promised to call me back as soon as he could today.
    he called me about ten minutes later, must have pressed # so it would go directly into voice mail to avoid speaking directly to me. His message was that they had to ' put me off ' for today as the installer was running behind, and they would reschedule. Not this guy, not me! I drove around the corner, and there was the installer sitting in his truck. Later for these fools!
    When I first signed up online, I was given an appointment date a few days away, I thought, This is great! I left that web-site and went to my email to find a confirmation of order from Verizon and a rescheduling of the install date one month off.
    I won't tolerate this kind of service.
    I have called them and told them to cancel and to be honest, I used some rather raw language. I won't do that here, everybody's had enough you-know-what from Verizon.

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