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CB Online Shopping Valmurr Ebay Seller - false advertising/Not Ethical

Valmurr review: Ebay Seller - false advertising/Not Ethical

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Don't buy from this Seller and check the Seller's record - there was another person who had the same problem I had in the same month...she must have posted her rating after I purchased my item. I purchased a wig at $468.00 form this Seller that looked nothing like the wig i purchased from Ebay, nor did it fit the description of the wig. Also, if a return is required-you will need to send it to China and not Ohio (her page indicates she is doing business out of Ohio and this is not the case). Ebay has been little help, although I managed to recently get some names and phones numbers and plan to contact them directly to see how much traction I get.

The Seller would not refund my money and agreed to exchange the wig for the one I should have received. I purchased the wig late november, shipped it back to China in December, here it is late January and I still have nothing. Buyers beware!

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