Valleygirl Fashions65653883 skirt - solid

A Nov 13, 2019

I have just purchased a 65653883 Skirt - Solid at a the Valley Girl store in brisbane city. I was served by Gimalyn. I am very unhappy about her customer service. She looked busy at the time but when she turns to serve me, she talked really bluntly. The price on the tag was 5.99 although it appears to be 9.99 on the system. She did not said sorry at all for the mistake. She just peels the tag off and say it is wrong the price is actually 9.99. But to the customer it is like a lying to customers about the price. It can be quite of a disappointment. What annoys me the most is her attitude. Handing me the bag and did not make any eye contact when ending the sale. 

65653883 skirt - solid

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