Valentin Shargorodskiyfraudulent buyer

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Valentin Shargorodskiy
9551 97 th Place N
Maple Grove, MN 55369
United States

Ebay USER ID: valiksharik26

this guy is a complete con artist and will scam you out of your money and/or product. he will spend countless hours emailing you and harrassing you. he is a very immature and unprofessional person and does not deserve quality treatment from anyone. please avoid at all costs whether he is purchasing online or from your store.


  • Yo
    YourOldFriend May 29, 2011

    My name is Valentin Shargorodskiy and I have no Idea who this is who posted this complaint and I have no Idea whats this about. Who ever wrote this complaint should be ashamed of themselves. "Very immature and unprofessional? Go to my ebay account and look at my feedbacks. I have more then 400 positive feedbacks and all buyers and sellers are happy. I notice how much other complaints this person wrote and its funny actually. This person obviously is either a loner or has some serious issues since he doesnt have anything better to do then just write complaints. He/She wrote a complaint on Hard Rock Cafe because someone didnt meet your expectations? Wow you seriously do have nothing else better to do. Anyways again I just want to point out that I have no idea who you are and why your wrote up a complaint on me and have no idea whats this about. So you should really go out and enjoy your life rather then sitting and writing complaints.

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  • Yo
    YourOldFriend Jan 13, 2018

    This guy morphine is a scam artist himself. look at all of his complaints, he is some ridiculous loner that sits on his couch and does nothing better then looks outside and complaints that he wanted rain today and its sunny out. he sells stuff on ebay and sends out broken/damaged items and when customers complain about it, he pretty much tells them to get lost. he goes to outside and things the whole world and everyone in it is just for his pleasures. if something isnt going how he imagined it, he complaints. you are one of those guys that should sit home and never go outside, what if it rains when you are out and gets you wet. then your poor neighbor is probably going to hear you complain that it was his fault. food doesnt taste right to him, he complains. get your $h1t together an enjoy life rather then complain about everything. what a looser, so many people that he complains about it dont even know what he is talking about. this guy is some old dooshbag that messes everything up and complains about wrong people and businesses. hopefully someday somone will prosecute your [censor] for all the lies here.

    Complaints board should really look into this [censor] and get him kicked out for posting so much lies here.

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  • Jo
    Joel Nunan Jan 22, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same Experience with Morphine,
    Bought Stuff from him on Ebay before and gotten Junk instead of what he described the item to be. Lousy Seller.

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