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Stay WELL clear of Vacaciones Wide Plus, and ALL holiday clubs for that matter. VWP are a holiday club operating in Mallorca on behalf of Huntingdon Holiday Services (a company that has a bank account with all our money but doesn't exist in a way that anyone can contact them!) and Gold Crown Resorts, a presumably legitimate holiday club. VWP have touts that stop you in the street with scratch cards, give you a fake "winning" ticket that ensures you win a "free luxury holiday" but what you end up winning is £12,000 debts and total misery. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. AVOID ANY COMPANY THAT USES TOUTS TO ABDUCT YOU FROM THE STREETS. AVOID ANY HOLIDAY CLUB THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU TIME TO TAKE THE CONTRACT HOME AND CHECK IT BEFORE SIGNING, AND MAKE SURE YOU GET A "COOLING OFF" PERIOD.

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Jan 07, 2009 12:27 pm EST

We got conned last sept and paid £1000 deposit. Phoned next day to try to cancel and they said no way. We had to wait 6 days till we got back home and sorted it with the bank etc. Eventually and not with vwp's help we got our full deposit back by doing a clawback as we paid by visa. Totally surprised at how we were conned in the 1st place...hubby didnt want to go to exhibition, i wish i had listened. We have also filled out a form for trading standards and hopefully guy fawkes will reappear and blow the lot up

Dec 18, 2008 7:32 pm EST
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Just to let everyone know. Yeh Harry Hook is the admininstrator of Vacacionnes Wide Plus and his wife runs the office. She is a right ugly cow, Her name is Lesley Hook. Ugly inside and out. She is a devel 666

Dec 18, 2008 6:31 pm EST
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A new but not so new Holiday Club Scam for you public. Beware of Club Seasons. You get a letter saying that you have 'won' a holiday worth £3, 700. Then you go to a presentation in Laugharne, where they get you to sign. My kids did this, then they persuaded them to but an upgrade, costing them another £4, 000. These heartless, callous parasites, its never enough. When on holiday in Lanzarote, fly boy Ken Yates lied to my kids and got them to sign another upgrade. This time it cost about $6.250. The lies that he told were that there would be no increase in the maintainance fee and that the cruises were free.
At the moment our double fee is £750 a year and rising so much, that by next year we expect to be paying another two hundred on top of that. I mean I ask you...
When I told them that the contract was illegal because there was a clear case of misrepresentation, they closed ranks and will not help in any way. What a nasty, uncaring bunch of people you are at Club Seasons. Public Beware dont get involved. Laugharne is a trap, like big fat spiders trying to catch their prey. They are just money hungry individuals with no morals and you are the bait. You people in Club Seasons, pity you were ever born as all you do for humanity is cause mayhem. You are all a waste of space.

Oct 02, 2008 11:27 am EDT

Me, Mum and Dad have just came back from Santa Ponsa mallorca and we were stopped by touts and my dad won the 4 stars on the scrach cards, then we were taken to the vwp office which was in palma port and we were gving this amazing deal by Mr Brown a manager and Rio a office rep to go to america and then go on the royal carribean voyage the 2nd largest cruise ship in the world the have tickets to go to disney land i am so gutted that it was all a fix we was so looking forward to the holiday.

E-Mail me if you have been fixed aswell!

Aug 29, 2008 12:34 pm EDT

Been back from Magaluf 2 week. We too got hooked in by these touts, and eventually paid £950 deposit and £8, 000 to follow.
Do you know though, we are not gullable people and have never had a loan in our lives (except motgage of course). By the time they had finished with us after hours and hours we still hadn't clicked on that we were agreeing to take out a loan!
Please, please be aware.
We still can't believe we were taken in by these people.
We are waiting to cancel out contact and I suppose lose our deposit!

Jul 27, 2008 4:01 am EDT

Just got back from Magalluf. Stay away from these touts. Still operating in Spanish Embassy. Fed us all the rubbish and I wouldnt agree to it. Wanted £7950 for joining their "elite club". I asked to go away and think about it and told me rubbish you cant "if you want to go away and think it will have to be a no, spanish law wont let you see us for another 18 months." says Mr Brown. So i said no and he picked up all papers and stormed off like little kid. Then come back over "ok I dont usually do this but ill do it for £5950 and a free two week holiday in Orlando with 1 week cruise in it." Yeh whatever I thought. I told them if i cant think about it its a no then and left giving them nothing. I got my free holiday voucher and vodka. Holiday voucher useless as im 27 and you have to be over 30 to claim holiday and also states you must attend a "meeting" whilst on your chosen holiday.

Jul 12, 2008 3:23 pm EDT

me and my wife was on honeymoon at parmanova hotel when we go had by the touts and free holiday scatch cards and the taxi ride to the german embassy its a con and we got hooked in line and sinker as many do and lost 950 pounds deposit belive me folks theres no one feels more silly than us STAY AWAY FROM THE TOUTS LIKE TIMESHARE BUT WORSE SO MISS LEEDING

Jul 08, 2008 3:11 pm EDT

Steve, not much travel agents can do as many people now booking DIY holidays. Holidaywatchdog .com has explanation about this (page 10/11) I think. If you want to help then contact British Airport Authorities and ask them to warn passengers at check in. Some people already done this but needs several more complaints to activate these sort of companies. Also report story to [email protected] Mark fao Adenrele Ogayemi.

Jun 12, 2008 5:24 am EDT

These people are still operating from a room at the German Embassy at Palmas. Why aren't Travel Agents warning tourist going to Majorca? As it was we realised what we were going in to, went out of curiosity and managed to escape with three bottles of wine and a free taxi ride back to our hotel - result! Had the words 'I won't get paid now' ringing in my ears as we left. Couldn't believe how brain washed everyone one - loads of clapping and high fives when someone allegedly bacame a member. Totally unimpressed with the girl we saw, no information at all about what the company was about, just wanted to know about our family and to show us her meaningless photographs, needs to go on an interviewers course. My advise to anyone is BE RUDE AND GET OUT OF THERE. (They don't like the word No) but presumably if you are reading this it's too late SO I get back to my earlier point - What are Travel Agents doing about this?

Apr 28, 2008 11:27 am EDT

We recently went to Majorca and were also approached by a lad on the street with scratch cards and what do you know our lad won a bottle of wine (which when he stated he didnt drink it changed it to vodka) and i won you guessed it the Free Holiday. The tout said that we only had to sit through a 80 min presentation and that even if we dont sign up we would get the holiday and vodka and taxi would be paid there and back. As we had been walking for hours in the sun we decided we would go with him as could do with the shade and taxi.

When we got there we were also greeted with the oh your the ones who won the holiday and the usual all smiles and what would you like to drink. We were then ushered to a table with a bafoon (also in a pink tie) called brian. He went through the pain of telling us that we couldnt walk around as we were in the ground floor of the American/German Embassy/Consulate, and is he needed to get anthing he had to raise his hand. Sound Familiar? This he went on to elaborate was due to terrorists thrests! In hind sight reckon it was so we couldnt get up and walk away.

We told him from the start that we dont sign up to anything on the spot but he proceeded to tell us all about what they could offer. After 30 mins of general chit chat he got on with the presentation he had obviosuly done a million times. Got the pad out started doing all the bull ### writing things down etc. I was constantly checking my phone to ensure we were not there over the minimum 80 mins.

He told us of how they have to call there managers by Mr Twit or Mr ### and everyone was smiliey and cheesy as hell. After being there about 45 mins up went the cheers and claps as yet another so called memeber signed up. Not convinced at all. He asked if we had heard of them and i said no, he said its because they dont get bad press. Went on to show us mags with ther ads in that are way old too.

He asked if we liked cruising, No we said! but then went on to talk for a further 30 mins about a cruise we wouldnt take. After being there about 70 mins i asked was it going to take much longer! No No i just need to show you the web site and do a summary. At this point we were getting bored as we knew it was bull. during the summary he showed us all the polaroids of so called members and yes again clapping and cheering!

We got back to the table after i knew we had been there just over 80 mins when i asked ok whats the price. What do you know he raised his hand and asked for Mr ### as he couldnt tell us. I told him that it better not take long as i was fed up. He assured me it wouldnt. After another 10 minutes or so i said right thats it i want to go i feel like im in Jail! at this point i think they knew there were getting no where and ushered us out of the building quite rudly.

I have to say after the fact we thought it all very funny as we were sat in our free taxi back to the hotel with a bottle of vodka! DO NOt under any circumstances be taking in by these touts, if someone on your local high street approached you and said you have won something just get in the taxi you would go in case you were mugged raped or even worse, i dont know why people on holiday do this and in hind sight we shouldnt have got the taxi.

We got the free taxi (which was good as our feet were aching) and the free vodka. take it all with a piinch of salt Im glad we werent conned!

Mel & Daz

Apr 04, 2008 12:31 pm EDT

Just heard from OFT. They are working with Spanish Authorities to build cases against holidayclubs in Spain. They ask that all victims of holidayclub scams contact them with details of scam. You can contact them on [email protected], mark "subject "FAO Pierre Cagnon. Or, [email protected], marking FAO Kristine Martinenko.
For those requiring individual advice on consumer rights in Europe, contact UK European Consumer Centre on [email protected]
In order to have action taken against these pond life, it is imperative that as many people as possible bring their complaints to the prper authorities. PLEASE HELP

Mar 24, 2008 3:21 pm EDT

Kenny, there is NO cooling off period with VWP. After fighting with them, they will allow cancellation of contract, but will keep your deposit. Most of us victims have had to fight long and hard to try and recoup all/some of our deposit back.

Mar 21, 2008 12:42 am EDT

hi there, I come across this article warning about scams from VWP, and that GCR is involved, and GCR is 'presumably' a legitimate entity. Sorry if I sound silly, but I need to know if they are 'really' legitimate? If not, how do they cheat their customers? Coz I need to prepare myself for a refund before the cooling off peroid!

I have been searching the internet for some clue as to how and what will happen to my membership in GCR, people are negative about GCR, but I couldnt find any elaboration or something concrete about the nature of 'Harm' that they will inflict. Mayb i didnt search hard enough.

Will they not honour my membership?, Will they disappear into thin air? Will they not provide me service? Louzy service?

You all are my last hope..(Literally).
I beg of you to email me everything you know about them!

***Email me things like warning, their usual behavior when I finally ask for a refund, etc***

YOU are helping a LOST mate, who desperate for your infomation and guidance! Bless your soul/s!Bless YOU!

Mar 06, 2008 5:32 am EST

I use to work for Ventura1 and GCR and its all a con, contact me for all news.

Feb 23, 2008 10:43 pm EST

VACACIONES WIDE PLUS in association with Gold Crown Resorts (allegedly)

On a rainy day in February and for want of something to do in the way of sport, we decided to have a bit of fun with the Holiday Scammers patrolling the Palma Nova resort. We were approached by a scruffy Brit from Brum who proceeded to scratch off a card revealing 3 sombrero's. He proclaimed to all around that we were the winners and were eligible for a free holiday. Great we thought what do we need to do to claim our prize?

The next morning (another rainy day or we wouldn't have bothered), we were escorted by the Brummy with BO to a slick looking office in Palma where we were introduced to a puff in a pink tie (no offence intended if Jonathan Ross can do it then so can I).

Camp Dave was goofy with FA cup ears and strutted his stuff around the office with as much gusto as Julian Clary on oestrogen.

Dave reported to Ben OBank or was it Ben O Bandit and whenever Puff in pink tie was flummoxed by one of our probing questions up shot his hand like 5 year old in class with the correct answer, to summon Mr O Bandit who was only 12 ish.

We were given a cup of tea and juice (still chucking it down outside by the way or we would have escaped) but we were having fun.

Suddenly a man came in from behind a closed door clutching a clipboard and made an announcement that Mr & Mrs Doobry from Southampton had just become the latest member. Everyone started to clap and cheer. This happened a further few times (just to try to convince us that someone else had parted with their cash and it was ok).

Anyway the presentation was relentless, over and over the same boring stuff. EVEN SUPPORTED BY THE LOCAL POLICE, they featured in the brochure they presented us with!
Cut to the chase we said, how much does it cost (membership of this exclusive club that promises to give you cheap holidays for life). You can then pass it down to your kids. HAHA.

We put the test on the internet through its paces asking to price up a holiday in Madagascar. Wah wah oops. No destination registered.

Brazil? Yep we were in luck but by the time we priced it up with the flights we could have got it cheaper on the internet.

They asked us for £6590 but then offered a discount down to £6540 plus a Caribbean holiday and a weeks holiday to Europe. Yippee - bargain. We asked them for a couple of minutes to discuss the offer which they obliged with. we muttered and giggled to each other until they came back and then promptly told them we were not interested thank you very much.

We got a free bottle of wine which we drank. Thanks guys for the entertainment and refreshment.

As we left the office (full of naiive British couples) all faced with their very own personal scammer up went the applause and another announcement that Mr & Mrs Smith from Vulnerable Town had just become their latest members. Was that us? we giggled.

Off we went into the rain to look for further entertainment.

Don't whatever you do get taken in by these people, they will ruin your holiday.

If it rains buy a brolly and go for a walk! Or if you fancy the sport and are not gullible or easily persuaded in any way, Puff in pink tie and Ben O Bandit are good entertainment value.

Feb 16, 2008 2:32 pm EST

Despite rumours that VWP would close if they failed to recruit sufficient ### to their sales deck for 2008, it appears that they are still AT IT.
PLEASE warn all friends and family going to Majorca this year to be on their guard for the touts. Expect different story this year, but scam just the same.

Jan 10, 2008 3:02 pm EST

As you all know, some of the money scammed from you by VWP goes to Gold Crown Resort to buy accommodation. GCR & ventura1 (frank madden) have threatened legal action to another website which posts victims views & stories.
The neck of some people ! It's the victims that should be taking legal action over them, not the other way round.

Nov 08, 2007 10:06 am EST

Did you see Watchdog on TV last night?
Apparently, next weeks Watchdog on [email protected] is going to have a report on Globespan-----should make for very interesting viewing. You can add your tuppence worth by emailing

Oct 30, 2007 2:34 pm EDT

Multi-Tasker:- That is Harry Hook, who the Spanish think is M.D. of Vacaciones Wide Plus. I have heard that he is also their Odd Job Man. Well there's nothing like a bit of variety in the work place!
Wonder if he knows how to jam the office door shut after all the victims have gone? I could collect a handsome fee for him from all the VICTIMS, if he would perform this task!

Aug 31, 2007 3:35 pm EDT

Thanks Steven, I can't get this info for you at short notice as their man on Nevis is unhelpful & Nevis Govt Rules allow for complete anonymity. There is a way to get this info but it takes time and will incur costs. Rumor on the grape vine has it that a number of formal complaints are shortly to be lodged with IOM Govt asking that a few companies be investigated in connection with money laundering activities.

Unfortunately, Govt sources inform me that their findings will not be made public. Should prosecutions result from such inquiries, then any information from court will be a matter of public knowledge. Sorry, can't be more helpful at present!

Aug 25, 2007 12:34 pm EDT

Mr. McCulloch, you have done well in ascertaining who the supposed directors of VWP are, but these are just the names given to the Spanish Merchantile register! I would be much obliged if you could use your investigative skills to find out who the real owners of Huntingdon Holidays are. Yes, the one with the Spanish name hiding on Island of Nevis in the West Indies where all the scammed money will go if there is a formal request made to IOM Govt to investigate HHSL. Speed is of the essence my man.

Aug 06, 2007 11:24 pm EDT

Hi Guys,

I live right near Vacaciones Wide Plus and for a fee i will blow the whistle on the directors and there new oddices... If ur interested... mail me...

sellcheaper *at*

Jun 29, 2007 11:43 am EDT

Beware of pretty girls with scratch cards who approach couples on Majorca.
Remember the 'Wow you've won -thats unusual only 1 in a 1000 ever win and you could get 1,000 Euros, A free holiday or a laptop' and its on ly an 80 minute explanation!

Can u guess what u win? You're right A FREE HOLIDAY but there's a catch or 2
1 You have to pay for all flights and transfers to a Spanish travel agent VWP.
2 No transfers are included.
3 And theres no holiday either.

Welcome to the Majorcan con and they use the same scratch cards a couple of years ago to sell timeshare - but I have no idea if they are the same company.

Jun 20, 2007 3:57 pm EDT

Administrator of VWP now confirmed as Mr. Harry Hook.

Jun 16, 2007 6:13 am EDT

Everything James says is true, it's nigh impossible to find out who owns vacaciones wide plus. Huntingdon holiday services is registered in british virgin islands, as an IBC company, which is little more than a bandits hide out, they do however have an active bank account in Isle of Man and are registered there on the "F" register. If you are caught, pay by credit card NEVER DEBIT card or CASH. Cancel in WRITING (ccfirm &hol club) within10 days. Don't fall for "today only" offer, or you will have to wait 18 months before the opportunity arises again, you can get conned any day.