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CB Colleges and Universities UW Milwaukee Police Crooked and corrupted against black people and black college students
UW Milwaukee Police

UW Milwaukee Police review: Crooked and corrupted against black people and black college students

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UW Milwaukee Police are crooked and corrupted, They need to fire and termininate Administrative Lieutenant Jamie Kuenzi, Police Captain Brian Swithala and Night Shift Joseph Souther for their wrongful corrupt, crooked and evilness against people! Because they don't have no respect,no self respect,no dignity and no confidence agianst against Black people! They did a student Robyn Foster wrong inside Ms. Kathleen Foley Winkler's classroom, They did not give Robyn Foster her no respect,no self respect, no dignity and no confidence! Those UW Milwaukee Police Lieutenants and Police Chief are racist and prejudice against Black people and Black Students! Ex UW Milwaukee Police Chief Joseph Paul Lemire was racist and prejudice against Black People and Black College Students! Stay away from UW Milwaukee and UW Milwaukee Police, Because they will do you wrong in the future, Go to a different college like UW Madison,Green Bay,Eau Claire, La Crosse,Stout, Parkside,Oshkosh,Superior,Whitewater,Stevens Point,Plattville and River Falls. Those are the best colleges in the State of Wisconsin.!

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