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I called to ask if they were going to be open to help me with food today 12/19/2019 approximately 10:50am. When we were talking about me bringing in my income now every time I come in for help with food now which is different from what they have been doing, I made a comment about being happy trump was impeached and that I was a democrat. She stated she was not happy about that and from there on out became extremely short and impolite with me over the phone. I then stated that I hoped that she wouldn't hold it against me because I was a democrat and would still help me with food. She never replied. When I wasn't clear about the time frame she said she was going to be available on that day for help with food because the time she gave me was different from their usual times that's posted. She then complained that she would be working through christmas. I told her that if I could find a ride there, today would be the only day I could come until after the new year. She then snapped at me if I was listening to what she was saying to me. I am now worried that when/if I return to get help with food she will not give me food or the quantity of food I am allowed according to the rules, just because I made it known I am a registered democrat. That is discrimination. I will post this behavior on facebook and make sure the public knows this is occurring in my area. Thank you for you help in this matter

  • Updated by Deedee1161 ยท Dec 19, 2019

    For one Ma'am/Mister you don't have to be so rude. I am on disability. The internet is one medium I use for my disability when need be. Helping with food is something the Salvation army advertises to us lower income people for assistance. Also, this is America. Not some other third world suppressed country. I am allowed to state that I am a Democrat and proud. I have no need to hide it. Lastly, I thought this was an offical way to complain to the Salvation army about the actions of someone that I have depended on when need be for assistance. Which is perfectly my right. Not some random trash throwing party! I will delete my account now. Thank you for letting me know what this site is actually for. Good day to you.

  • SubSquirrel Dec 19, 2019

    You shouldn’t bring politics into a discussion when politics have nothing to do with the situation.

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  • SubSquirrel Dec 19, 2019

    If you’re on ssdi then you’re eligible for food stamps. I’m told that they don’t give you that much but it helps.

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