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Reviews and Complaints

Burger Kingbad customer service

Every time I go to the Yelm WA Burger King, I am treated like crap, like they are better than I am. I went in this afternoon and even called to talk with a manager and complained and they brushed it off like it's no big deal for there employees to treat others like that. They have no costumer service skills at all.
Thanks so much

Burger Kingworkers

On Saturday evening the 20th of July, my husband and I went out to the casino near us for a date. On the way home we decided we were hungry and wanted to stop and grab something. We pulled into the drive thru at our local burger king and proceeded to order our Whopper meals. We were then told that they were out of whopper meat. Umm ok, well that's what we were ordering and we had the app for the 2 whopper meals for 8.99 so I said to the lady, that's fine, then just put an extra whopper junior meat on the whopper juniors we would order instead and we would be good with that. She said no. they weren't allowed to have any substitutions. I said ok well it's not my fault that ya'll are out of whopper meat is it... so to make your customer happy maybe just put an extra whopper meat on there, she said my manager says no... I said then let me speak to your manager. She said no.. the manager wasn't available. While she's saying this I can hear another worker cussing at me in the background saying to not come at [censored]ing night and, maybe they wouldn't be out of whopper meat. 1. It was 11:30 and they don't close until midnight. I know for a fact because I have worked in fast food that it would have taken them 3 or 4 minutes total to make my order. I was a chef at many restaurants and when a customer walked in 5 min to close and ordered a well done steak we made it... that's what you do. Now, I'm not an [censored] and I wouldnt have come in at 5 min to close there was a whole 30 minutes until they were allowed to stop serving. I don't appreciate being cussed at and refused to speak to a manager (which I dont even believe there was one there) and then as I was pulling out the drive thru the girl at the window was just sitting there laughing at us. Completely disrespectful, rude, and I for one will not ever be going back to that store. Which I have been a customer at for the last 20 years. Absolutely Pissed at the way we were treated.