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Reviews and Complaints

CVS Pharmacy Prescription — Problems with prescriptions not being done when they r due

I've used cvs for over 2 years. Never had problems until last 4 months. Swedish uses the thumb print prescriptions that go straight to the pharmacy. In January my doctor sent in 2 prescriptions. One for January pain medication and one for them to hold until February. In February they said they didn't receive it. So I had to have the doctor redo it. But I know my doctor sent in both. So in February after receiving the new prescription they said they were out of stock. It took 6 days. This is a narcotic that I have to have or I could go into withdrawals and have a heart attack. So this month (March) my doctor sent in last week. I called and they said they received it and it would not be fillable until today. Today I call and they said it was fillable 2 days ago! But now they need a prior authorization before they could fill. They said they would fax the doctor but I should also call my doctor. I left them a message and 45 minutes later they called and said they still hadn't received it. So I call cvs back and they said they were doing it as I was on the phone. Then my doctors office called back and said they got the prior authorization that's good for 1 year. So I called cvs. They said no they didn't get it. I said u had to of gotten it. He said no again but at my insistence he found it. What is going on. Where do the narcotic prescriptions filed when they r not due to be filled yet (by ins or doctor) I feel like there is a flaw in how that is done. I do understand there r many new employees and floater. But every cvs should be run the same way. I appreciate the pharmacist at the cvs I go to but where is the system for them to use. The prescriptions that are on hold need to be checked every morning. Darcy r Taylor