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Reviews and Complaints

Ross Dress for Lesscharged more for exchanging same blouse at same clearance price for a different size.

I purchased an XL blouse that was on clearance for a reduced price of $7.49 on Senior Tuesday. The next day, 7/24/19 at about 2:45 pm, I took it back to exchange it for a large. It was the same blouse, same clearance price just a different size. The store wanted to charge me an addtl 82 cents becs it was no longer Senior Tuesday.

I would understand this if it was a different blouse or different original price but it was NOT!!!

I have been in this store several times and watched shop lifters walk out with merchandise they did not pay for without anyone encountering them. I walk into the store and tell them immediately what I want to do. Me, the honest customer gets charged more; whereas, the shoplifter walks out "Scott Free"! This does not make logical sense!!!