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Reviews and Complaints

Burger King — NEVER return to the Smokey Point location

This was our first time at this location, we placed our order for the new two for $10.00 Whoppers, the deal offered fries and drinks with the burgers. The person who took our order did not seem friendly, it was the drive thru, we thought maybe she was just having a bad day. Our total was $12.68. When we paid, she was just as unfriendly as she had sounded, no smile, no thank you. Short, stout woman in her 40s with dark hair. We paid with a $20 and 68 cents. We took our $8 change, our sack of food and our drinks, started to drive on and found we had been shorted our fries. We couldn't back up, there was a car behind us. We drove around the store and went back for our fries. She demanded our receipt, she looked at it and said we hadn't paid for fries, just Whoppers (2/$6) and two drinks. $6+ for two SMALL drinks??? No apology, take it or leave it. We decided to leave it and asked for our money back. I was handing our change back, when she actually demanded it, ignoring the cash I was trying to give to her. Two co-workers were lurking in the background, an older lady with a black bun and a tall skinny guy with chin whiskers. We realized a bit later, that she had short changed us our 68 cents. We drove down to the Burger King on 4th Street in Marysville, where the employees were friendly, competent and our order was fast and perfect! BTW, the charge was $12.11. Needless to say, we will NEVER return to the Smokey Point location, EVER.