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Reviews and Complaints

KFCfood and service

How do it take 35 minutes just to get 4 tacos and potato wedges. Than when the person bring it out was very disrespectful to me when I ask why it take so long just to get my food. Plus my tacos was messed up and my wedges was cold. Get people that knows what they doing or something. It shouldn't take that long for 4 tacos. Than you just got people talking about people while I was at the window. Bring people back so I can get my food faster. Than you have a manger being disrespectful too.

  • SubSquirrel Aug 24, 2019

    Tacos at KFC? Seriously? I’ve never heard of that before and their commercials are on all the time. Is that a regional thing?

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  • Cw
    cwtpc Aug 26, 2019

    @SubSquirrel They had them at my local about 2 months ago as a seasonal item. It was basically a chicken strip in a hard taco shell inside another tortilla shell. A bit weird...

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  • SubSquirrel Aug 26, 2019

    @cwtpc Sounds like they were competing with Burger King for tacos business. I’ve never had a taco and I know I’d never try my first one at a burger or chicken joint.

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