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Waffle House on 5th streetpoor product, poor service, and the place was disgusting

About 10:30 on Wednesday 1/29/2920, my brother and I stop by this restaurant after a medical appointment. There were four people working, not busy. The place was a not cleaned at all. The tables and counter area had plates and trash was all over the floor behind the counter. There was a heavy set female doing the best she could and never said a word. The other female was loud and obnoxious. We ordered eggs/bacon/toast/hash browns/ waffle/ coffee. There were two makes on the grill. First thing he brought out was eggs & hash browns. No toast or bacon or waffle. Then when I questioned about the bacon, he said it was cooking and the toast was cooking. So then I heard him ask one of the ladies, who does this bacon belong to? She said that was for the lady that walked out. Then he brought one order of bacon and said the other one was still cooking, along with the toast. He then brought out our toast and bacon. We still had not received our coffee. The lady stated who took the coffee. I ask the male about our waffles? He stated that he did not know that we had ordered them. So then he goes off to pour the batter, to begin cooking them. Never did get our coffee, refilled. There was two other customers walk out while we were there and then a third, after being told by the one female, I ain't no cook or manager, I only get paid $2.50 and hour. I don't care about this place or customers. Then she stated I have had 7 jobs in my 48 year. I can apply for more and get another one. The employees were not clean. Shirts untucked, aprons on half way. This place is a disgrace to your company name. I will be notifying the health department. Terrible needs to be closed, cleaned up, hire the right people, train them and put a manager there who cares.