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American Home Shield [AHS] - Wall heater needs servicing and I have been waiting for over 3 weeks

My toytomi Laser 730 Wall Heater that was replaced back in 2019 by AHS needs servicing. Every technician that comes says they do not work on this unit. I filed a claim 10-31-2023 for a technician to come out and R.E.D. S mechnanical came out but say they do not work on these units. When I called, I explicitly asked them to make sure the company works on this unit. They took my $100 service fee and I still have not had anyone to service my Wall Heater.

I found a technician that lives 2 hours away and is charging me a hefty fee to fix my Heater since AHS has not been able to accomodate me. I want to know when I provide a receipt, will I be reimbursed for finding my own technician? I have waited 3 weeks and I am frustrated. I am a loyal customer for years. I pay every month but the service is subpar. My number is [protected]. I am Brenton Byrd

Desired outcome: I want my unit repaired or replaced/

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12:38 pm EDT
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American Home Shield [AHS] - Washing machine

It has been over 1 MONTH , 2 different vendors have come out and they wanted to send out a 3rd, however the vendor stated it was a duplicate. They continue to call the 1st vendor who said that it would take 2 technicians to replace the part, however the 2nd vendor verified and showed me as well as AHS that the part has been discontinued. Both say I need a New Washing Machine. It has been escalated to Contractor Care and STILL NO RESOLUTION as they are looking for a vendor with 2 technicians to replace a part that has been discontinues.. This is what they tell me on the phone . They tell me that someone should call me in 24 hours no Call. I've been told 48 hours I wait and no call.. today I was told it could take up to a week.. I don't understand if all you have to do is verify whether or not the part is available. if the part is available then you look for a a company with two techs if its not then replace the machine.. This is not a 1 month effort.

Desired outcome: I want a Washing Machine. I also want my $100 service call fee returned since I have had to go to the laundromat and wash my clothes since AHS is Not able to resolve my issue.

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4:34 pm EDT

American Home Shield [AHS] - Customer service and contractor brick street plumbing

To Whom it may concern,

I have no choice but to come here today to file a claim about your customer service and the respective Contractor in this case. We noticed a water leak on the kitchen ceiling poring down through the skylights. We contacted your customer service and ended up with a representative who was working from home. Since she thought it was not a service that she had to speed up because electricity and water was not an urgent case. I had asked her to speak to her manager and she refused and she told me there is no one around. Well that's because she was working from home. Same thing happened with another representative who worked from home. They had no phone number to anyone at the office. Shortly after the plumber left the water started leaking again and we took a video.


Request # Initiated Last Updated Item Status

[protected] 06/05/22 06/06/22 Pipe Leaks And what is with this message? Status: Unable to reach you - please contact contractor.

Request # Initiated

06/01/22? Missing?

[protected] 05/23/22 05/24/22 Pipe Leaks Appointment set

Closed. Who closed it?

Request # Initiated Completed Item Status

[protected] 05/12/22 05/19/22 Pipe Leaks

My Property

3373 Eagle Ridge Dr, 22191




Expires 01/31/23

I need an anser to this confusing mess.


1. Several service requests including a recall were canceled by AHS customer service without notifying me the customer who was waiting for the Contractor. Also, the representative was unable to forward my request to speak to a manager because she was working from home.

2. The entire service request on June 1 with the AHS representative is not visible to me at all? Why? Who ordered the cancelation of the recall without notifying me? The representative said he would escalate this recall and inform a manager? I had asked the representative not to send this contractor again because they do not respond and don't fix anything which was a waste of time and money. He said company policy requires him to call the same Contractor back since this was a recall.

3. Today's call was a waste because again this representative was unable to forward my request to speak to a manager because she was working from home. This representative told me that she has not phone numbers whatsoever of the office, managers, HQ etc. I thought that was very careless of AHS to have people employed, working from home who have not contact to the office in case they needed support from the office.

That truly does not speak for the Company AHS.

4. Two individual plumbers came out without tools, left with a puzzled face, didn't fix anything, cut holes in the kitchen ceiling and left us standing there with open mouths.

5. My today's call to AHS where I was informed that the Contractor canceled the recall and now I have this message? Status: Unable to reach you - please contact contractor. They are not reachable, and the boss does not return my calls.

Although we talked back and forth with the second plumber who was hesitant to do anything because of the insurance which were you AHS. I suggested to call his boss Robert who is the owner of the Plumbing company. His boss told him over the phone and my husband, and I heard him on loudspeaker, that he should cut into the ceiling and check. We need this case resolved and I appreciate your reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

Marina & Lewis Spivey

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Update by Marina Spivey
Jun 06, 2022 4:44 pm EDT

AHS employs representatives who work at home and do not have information on how to escalate a case to a manager. This is unprofessional on AHS side. I still pay my dues to AHS whether their staff works from home or not. When I call I need answers and service to my expectations. My comments are that AHS needs to hire qualified contractors. I had several to the house who were totally unprofessional to include the last ones. Customer service needs to be instructed that they can't close complaints without notifying the customer. AHS should post a listing of contractors online so customers can pick their own contractors in AHS network. My case is pending and I hope it will be solved.

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