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Reviews and Complaints

Wendy'semployee rights

It's simple. I have been upfront about the schedule I can work with since I was hired on. ( 7:00-3:00 )The district manager asked for some help during the evenings so I did what I could and made it possible for me to work 2days out of the week during the evenings. I've been on a consistent schedule. No call-Ins. I always show up. I'm a mother of 3 children and currently pregnant. So I communicate the best way I can to keep my job and to be useful for Wendy's. However it gets difficult to work in the environment I'm in because not only am I helping with the truck on Mondays and Thursdays. I'm in a maintenance position so I do the Grill, Dishes, Parking lot, Fry station yes all in one day. It's so overwhelming that I start to speak up for my self respectfully in person and through text messages that change will be coming because I am with child and I just can't do everything like I've been doing. I gave the GM a month in advance notice about these changes and was hoping to be a cashier since I'm a cashier on the other days I work evenings. And the communication is just not the way it should be on managements behalf. Anna is my GM. Steven is the district manager. I don't have their last names at the moment. So today I went to work like a regular scheduled day. And I find out that my schedule has been changed and that I need to come back in the time I was scheduled for. So right there is where I draw the line. I addressed the change to my GM and she keeps brushing me off saying she doesn't have my number. I called the district manager and he hanged up on me and said I shouldn't be calling him about my schedule. Now I'm furious! I have no vehicle so I walk to work. It's been difficult the way I made my life to be. It's not Wendy's fault about my personal circumstances but it is managements failure to staff genuine hard working people at this location. There is a lot of favouritism and hostile tolerance. Disrespect fly's all over the air they think it's ok to treat whoever, however. I've seen the carelessness in the way they treat the customers and also in the way they serve the customers. Molded product being served. Insufficient portion of Fry's and drinks being servers. Attitudes with the customers is a normal thing at this location. It's just sad to see. And sad to be apart of. I am currently looking for another job. Unfortunately I am stuck at this job for now. I have children to support. I can't stress it enough how much I appreciate this job because I need it. And I've been giving it my all! Please contact me at [protected] if you can help me keep my job. But this really sucks.