Sonic Drive-In

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Reviews and Complaints

Sonic Drive-Inproduct and service

First let me start off by saying this is my third time coming to this location and my stuff is NEVER correct!!! This go around july 17, 2019 @ 7:32pm once again my order was wrong..i didnt receive one drink (lime slush) and she rung me up for a med rasp slush with nerds (I asked for small) .I recieved a med slush no nerds in hop comes i explain she says ok i see the mess up..brings back the med rasp slush and says inside told her the nerds are on the bottom..guess what my 5 doesnt care that you put them on the bottom, thats dumb..Not to mention she asked me what i wanted on my burger i explained well i didnt get ketchup like i requested and was on the receipt..dont ask me what i wanr then dont put it on there..Im complaining this time around because this location is closest to my home but they are FORVEVER getting things wrong and have the nerve to have a attitude. They all need retraining on customer service and slow down when taking a customers order we feel like were being rushed!!!

Sonic Drive-Inchili cheese coney

Chili cheese coney came without chili returned it Manager John would not give back the receipt and would not remake the Coney ... but gave a refund but threw the money on the ground ... very disrespectful to my wife ... I want to talk to someone in charge ... number is [protected] ... people like this shouldn't be hired ... before I left he was cursing out an older later because she wasn't speaking clearly. NOT ACCEPTABLE

chili cheese coney