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Reviews and Complaints

Sonic Drive-InSloppy burgers

The saddest part about this entire ordeal is that there are alot of people that have very bad things about this sonic. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and look now. My burger had mustard and mayo all over it and the wrapper. I called to return it and when I got to the sonic Toni Minnow (manager) refunded just for the meal. True enough I did forget the water at home but come on!! I did take the water back and the rest of the money was refunded. If my burger was edible then I would not have had to return it in the first place. I will not ever eat here again!

Sloppy burgers
Sloppy burgers
Sloppy burgers

  • Um is not an answer! Feb 04, 2020

    What was wrong with the water???

    Meanwhile, I only get unique, Sonic-only foods/drinks at Sonic. You get anything else you might as well go anywhere else.

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  • Cu
    Customer Service skills Feb 04, 2020

    @Um is not an answer! I dnt eat there that often

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  • Cu
    Customer Service skiIIs Feb 04, 2020

    These people made me so angry that I knocked my disabled grandmother to the ground. She is pressing charges. My life is ruined thanks to them

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