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Reviews and Complaints

Walgreens verified

Pharmacy incompetence, rudeness and lack of concern for patients

I am reporting a problem with the McMinnville Walgreens at 1210 Smithville Highway in McMinnville TN.

Today, I refilled my prescription online with When my Husband called them to see when the prescription would be ready to pick-up, they said it would be ready at 11 AM CST. We have repetitive problems with Walgreens pharmacy in filling my prescriptions. Every single time my Husband tries to pick up my medication, there is a problem. I had a prescription that was supposed to be ready for refill yesterday and the web site allowed me to fill it. My Husband was treating rudely and disrespectfully as usual, and was simply told that the prescription "was not ready and that there was nothing to refill." This was a bold-faced lie. I am now going to be relocating outside of the State in order to be closer to family and hopefully receive better care from medical providers in another area. I am sick and tired of being treated with such blatant disrespect.

I will be following-up with the Joint Commission and the FDA on furthering this complaint against Walgreens pharmacy. I have been a loyal shopper at its many locations since I was a young adult. I spend thousands of dollars at Walgreens each year on prescriptions alone. Just because I am on Medicare doesn't mean I am a social pariah. I have been employed full-time since I was a college student at San Francisco State University and hold two degrees. I send my husband to pick-up my prescriptions out of necessity because I am disabled and often do not feel well.

I will bombard Walgreens with negative criticism on each and every website and social media site I get my hands on. I am very skilled in this area and am a key influencer.

Walgreens should be ashamed of their deplorable service and behavior and for making the lives of the less fortunate even more troubled.


Sara Smithart