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Waffle Housewrongful termination without an investigation

My name is Tammy Boner, [protected]. I believe I was wrongfully terminated after a dispute with a customer. I was the grill cook on 2nd. Shift. A woman and her family came in, they ordered their food and after several minutes [they had almost finished their meals], the woman complained that her son had burnt bacon, I asked the server to bring back the plate server said she threw it away, I have always played around with the servers and told her that next time someone had a complaint to bring back their plate. The woman started screaming at me that I was a bad cook and that I was too old to be working their if I didn't know how to do my job. I took her screaming at me as long as I could [it was clear to me that they were not leaving any time soon] her husband then started in on me[he was intoxicated] calling me old and stupid. I was in a lot of pain that day, but like every day I always showed up for my shifts always an hour early. So without an investigation I found myself on the norehire list. I believe the person who done so is Maguel, he was not even there that day. I loved my job was there almost 6 years, I want my job back, can you help me? others have been caught on camera steeling from the register and even from the commissary, others have walked out in the middle of a very busy shift, and management had called them to come back! I feel my termination was wrong!! I can be reached thru my email, [protected]