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The Goddard School / Goddard Systems - Was treated poorly as a breastfeeding employee

I have been working at the goddard school of indian land since june 25th 2021. My daughter started at the school on july 6th 2021. Since then I was told I would be allowed to go in and nurse her at her designated feeding times. On more than one occasion they have made me and my daughter wait upwards of 45 minutes before letting someone come into my room so I can go feed her. It is a fight every single day to get someone to let me go feed her, and it's only twice a day! They always forget. This alone is highly unacceptable. No other child waits to eat why must mine? Secondly the owner has rushed me on more than one occasion. Not only that on my first day she asked the infant teacher if I "cover up" or if I was making her "uncomfortable" that is not okay! I am allowed to breastfeed my child! She also asked me "how much longer is this going to take" when another teacher needed to leave (because they didn't actually have anyone planned to cover me so I could go feed her). I explained that I was covering the last half of the infant teachers lunch and that she had just gotten back so I had just gotten to start feeding my child. (mind you, the director had covered the first half and my daughter had woken up from a nap at 2 and when I got in there at 240, was overdue for a diaper. By 45 minutes. She also said "she doesn't want to eat she's so sleepy" no she's 7 months old! She has a 3 hour wake window. She was supposed to be eating her lunch at 1 but was asleep til 2 so didn't eat til then. The director said she kept refusing and screaming. Yeah because you never changed her diaper and shes sitting in a sopping wet diaper! I was so mad) there is no reason that the director can't or shouldn't be doing the work she excepts teachers to do, especially when she is the one responsible foe the children at the time. There is no reason me or my baby needs to feel rushed or like an inconvenience all because I am breastfeeding. If I was a regular mom coming in to feed my kid I guarantee none of this would have been said to me, but because I am a teacher it's okay that my child goes hungry and cries waiting for me? Ridiculous! I have put my two weeks in and my last day was august 13th 2021 (as we are moving) but i'm happy i'm leaving after the treatment I have received, but I have had it with the discrimination. I am filing a complaint so this may be dealt with. I do not wish to speak with the director or owner on this matter. Whether they thought my child should be eating the amount or time that she was does not matter because they are not her parent. They do not get to make those calls. Other issues include not providing enough food for the designated snack times they say they're responsible for. Lying to parents about how structured our facility is while also pushing learning through play. Which is it? They are so particular about some things and then others just slide. I was expected to do my lesson plans a month in advance and another teacher was allowed to do hers the day before (and often they had other people do her lesson plans for her). This place was a joke. The assistant director, infant teacher, first steps teachers, young todd's and toddlers teachers were great. Those teachers are incredible and deserve the world. They do everything and then some! The issue is that the owner has no clue what she's doing. And the director doesn't want to do anything in a classroom.

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