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CVS - Prescription pickup and pharmacy services customer service

Date of Incident: Nov.10, 2023 (Veterans Day)

CVS Pharmacy : 3306 W Palmetto St. Florence, SC 29501

CVS Pharmacy : 733 S Irby St., Florence SC, 29501

Good afternoon and I hope this message sparks accountability and retribution in your minds and professional responsibility.

First off, I am Derrell Myers. A native of Timmonsville and a Navy Veteran for over 10 years. I'm emailing you in hopes of bringing some light to the dark path that CVS has chosen to tread. On November 10, 2023, I decided to be seen at Doctors Care on Hoffmeyer Rd. in Florence. I was given some prescriptions to be picked up and CVS was where it was to be picked up. First red flag: The lady at the desk stated that I can use my Tricare insurance at the CVS pharmacy on Irby St. but not West Palmetto St. I go to get my prescription filled at the Irby St location. The pharmacy manager there stated that my prescription was sent to the W. Palmetto St location and that I had to call myself to get it transferred back over to Irby St. 2nd Red Flag: In my mind I'm thinking it would be faster and professional if the call was made from pharmacy to pharmacy versus patient to pharmacy, but I obeyed the request. I made the decision to drive across town because I felt it would have been faster to speak with them in person. I get there and the technician made the call back to the pharmacy on Irby St because my medication was in limbo and couldn't be released. She spoke with the tech Justin and after the phone call stated that I could drive back over there and pick up my medication. So, I drive back across town and again I have trouble with my prescription being released. I get into a verbal altercation with one of the female techs because she was saying that they were not able to process my prescription. I explained to her that I was just over there at the West Palmetto St location and that she spoke with someone over here. She then proceeded to as her team members if anyone spoke with the West Palmetto St division and the was no answer. There was a commit from Justin stating that it wouldn't be ready until 3 pm repeatedly in a sarcastic like fashion but at that time I didn't know he was the one who answered the call on my prescription behalf. I leave again because the manager Bob at the Irby St pharmacy did not have a care in his 206 bones in his body. He was very non cholent and proceeded to discuss his 30 min lunch break... There is a lot more to this story and I hope to have set a foundational basis for you to be interested in offering your assistance. Long story short, I believe that CVS and its pharmaceutical employees are not being held accountable for their duties and customer service. I have some voice footage if you would like to hear, and I plan on maybe boycotting and seeking legal action against them. When it comes to prescriptions, people are trying to receive the best quality of life they have and being unwell and having to endure adults with infantile work personalities doesn't make for a speedy recovery. One thing I didn't do was serve my country so that CVS could hire people who have trouble serving the public. Thats not in my military resume!

Thank you in advance for allowing me to share my nightmare with you.

Derrell Myers

derrell. [protected]

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4:45 pm EDT

CVS - Unprofessional customer service

Store ID # 7609

CVS 3306 W. Palmetto Street, Florence, SC 29501

On 9/7/2023 I called about a prescription that my doctor called in on the day before. I asked the gentlemen when the perscription would be filled. He told me they were just opening and it would be about and hour. Which would have been approximately 9:30am. I waited, I got there at approximately 2:25pm. Stood in a line for one hour to get served. Got to the counter and my perscription was not ready. I reminded the gentlemen that he told me my script would be ready at 9:30am. He got very arrogant with me, he said; "does it looks like it is humanly possible for me to do all of this and get orders fill". I said to him; I really don't know what is or isn't humanly possible for you to do. I only know what you told me. Then he told me to go in the other line where you drop off prescriptions.

I understand being short staffed or running lean, but that does not give you right to be rude and unprofessional. I really don't know what happened to this pharmacy, I have been going here for years and never have I experienced this type of behavior. I was not the only one that experienced this, others received unprofessional behavior also.There was a gentlemen at the pharmacy who dropped his script off Tuesday and it was not ready and they just ignored him when he was trying to ask a question. Several people left because the wait was too long and the treatment was horrible.

Normally, I would not say anything but this was a bit much. This unprofessional behavior is what drives customers away. I will not go there anytime soon,

Desired outcome: I think social skills training is needed for both the tech and pharmacist. Professional is a must!! Also training on how to remain calm in overwhelming situations.

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5:30 pm EDT

CVS - Complaint

On today May 31st 2022 approximately 9:42 a.m. my daughter who lives in Columbia, South Carolina telephone me and stated that CVS call and notified her that her daughter, Ava Taylor's prescriptions were ready. At approximately 9:57 a.m. Approximately 9:50a.m., I, Lurester Clardy, Ava's grandmother, called CVS located on West Palmetto Street in Florence, South Carolina, and talked with Jackie., Pharmacy Tech, or she used to be. When I asked her whether there were prescriptions ready for Ava Taylor especially her breathing treatment medication? I identified myself, and Jackie replied they are being worked on. I said that granddaughter needs her breathing treatment and I will be at CVS shortly to pick up prescriptions. In my opinion with sarcasm, she said yes ma'am. I went to doctor's office to get an excuse for grandbaby to return to school in the morning along with obtaining a form for records to be released to her pediatrician in Columbia, SC. Also, had to return home to wait on Safe Home Security Technician. At approximately 1:12p.m., I went to CVS stood in a long line with my grandbaby to be told that the breathing medication was out of stock. I shared the above conversation I had with Jackie earlier and asked where was Jackie? I was told that she was in back working. I asked how long did I have to wait and the young lady who waited on me went to check the computer. I asked her if CVS in Columbia could fill the medication because my granddaughter needed her breathing treatment. I told the young lady nevermind and walked out of the store talking about how Jackie continues to cause confusion when prescriptions I pick up for other family members. The lady time I picked up a prescription via the drive thru and there were only two customers at the pharmacy inside. I was very nice but looked at the lady's name tag and her name was Jackie. She made me wait at least thirty minutes at the drive thru. In my opinion, she did this as a get back due to me reporting her and a pharmacist in the past. Jackie is a big problem at this CVS and gas been fir sometime now. I do not use any of the CVS stores anymore and switched all of my meds to a pharmacy who treats me as a valued customer. My grandbaby is returning to Columbia, SC this evening and I needed her medication for her Nebulizer mediately. People have died from Asthma and my grandbaby is only four. Why would any pharmacy especially a big chain store as CVS be out of stock of a life - threatening medication? I am making this compliant due to me having concern about the validity as well the accuracy of Ms. Jackie's statement that the breathing medication for my grandbaby was out of stock. I got what my grandbaby needed from the pharmacy I use now with five minutes. I was fussing about Jackie not telling me in the beginning that the nebulizer med was out of stock. I also suggest that who is responsible to order medications should be talked to or something about the importance of keeping all meds in stock especially going without some medications could result in adverse reactions including death. I, Lurester Clardy, will never step a four inside of CVS located on West Palmetto, Florence, SC, for nothing. I do not or will not use the CVS I indicated above for nothing because I have no trust in them. It seems like the other staff gosling with what Ms. Jackie says like she is the owner of CVS. This is my final compliant about CVS because I will not spend my money at CVS. Last suggestion, let staff know the proper way to answer calls by saying store and/or department and their first or last name. This is a continued problem too.

Desired outcome: Find out if CVS was really out of stock of nebulizer medication. Life threatening medication s should be in stock and available. Share with employees the professional way to answer calls to identify who they are.

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Suzanne DiMario Pastor
, US
Jun 16, 2022 5:11 pm EDT

CVS in Claremont NH is bcoming very difficult to deal with re RX's

also is impossible to get thru to pharmacy & they are rude when you finally get someone

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