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Reviews and Complaints

Bloomingdales.comdior foundation / and customer service

This is the third time I have filed the complaint. I never got any respond. So I have been ignored by the customer service of Bloomingdales twice.

A situation happened to me at one of the Bloomingdale's stores, located at Willow Grove Park Mall, PA. I went there on Saturday, February 1st 2020 to buy a foundation. I bought it in the DIOR department. The name of the foundation was Forever Skin Glow. A week later I found out that the expiration date of the product was February 2020. I didn't check the expiration date when I was buying the product because I trusted the reputation of Bloomingdale's. It never occurred to me that you could be selling expired items.
So I got back to the store on February 8th. The same lady from the DIOR department told me that the foundation wasn't expired. She said that it was only SPF in the foundation that was expired. She also said that if I didn't care about the SPF, I could well continue using the product.
The thing is... if I go to a store, such as Bloomingdale's, please believe me that I have no intention of buying an expired product (even if only a part of this product is expired, according to the lady from the DIOR department). I want to use a decent product that I paid my money for.
So I took the foundation back. I asked that lady if I could get a different foundation which was not expired. I wanted to leave the store with a new product which I could use on the same day. But everything that she showed to me was out of stock and she needed to order it. When I asked her how long the delivery was going to take, she said that it would take couple of days.
But when I got home and looked at my receipt (the order number is [protected]), I found out that the date of estimated delivery was February 18th... which is far from couple of days. Ten days is not two.

So, long story short, I have been really disappointed with the service. I was both misinformed and sold the expired product and also wasted my time going back to the store. I never knew that in such a store with a great reputation I will have to check every date and every receipt to make sure everything was fine, not expired or that I wasn't misled.

dior foundation / and customer service