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Reviews and Complaints

Ignorant managers causing me stress when I already suffer from bipolar disorder

The date of the incident was on July 5, I was called into the office because I wouldn't speak to the most ignorant manager I ever had to deal with. I'm bipolar and I told them that. I was screaming and crying my eyes out because I didn't worry about this person. I have complained about him several times, and nothing was done about it. I was recently out of work because of a dental problem. This manager accused me of bashing him when I was out of work. I was out of work because my face was swollen because the medication I take is causing my teeth to fall out. I wasn't thinking about nobody in that store when I was out, the only thing I was concerned about was getting to the dentist to fix the problem. That and getting my penicillin, and painkillers. I quit after that because its not worth the stress. Several people have quit because of this person. I didn't want to quit but my health is more important

  • Updated by Desiree Elise Boone ยท Jul 07, 2020

    I thought when you work, you work for a paycheck, not to make friends and talk all day. All I ever did was a good job. The problem really was that person thinks of me as a child, I am not a child. I am 40 years old, and again I work for money not people.