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president & ceo phone number

I have heard that ocwen in on the verge of financial disaster. All caused by their portfolio of sub prime...


Help! My home is going to sheriff's sale today. I'm alone, 64 and have been trying to reach a real person who...

scam and cheating!

When attempting to contact Ocwen,at any of their many phone numbers, they put you on hold until the line finally goes dead, or they connect you to a non-english speaking person who you can't understand and pretends he or she can't understand you. They then offer, in their broken english, all the different ways you can make payments. The company will not answer any mail I send them or any of my E-mails,yet every month I get a 'notice of intent to collect a debt' from them telling me how far behind I am in payments.

Now they are telling me that they have put a insurance policy on the house and sent me a premium notice of $1,165.00 for the first year. They act like they are a separate entity answering only to themselves and completely oblivious to the laws of the land. They refuse to contact my attorney or to even take back their property, so now the house just sits there and benefits no one while they play their little mind games.

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    Tony Walz Oct 31, 2008

    I have the same problems with Ocwen, it's been two weeks and they won't call me back. Can't get a person that speaks english as a first language. Worthless!!! One of the worst mortgage servicers to deal with

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    TBW has my $19,000 Feb 23, 2010

    Arghhh...This is what I had to email Cenlar since I can not speak to a human for either company.
    I have paperwork and have spoken with multiple account representatives that stated my account would not be negatively affected because Taylor, Bean and Whitaker owe my $18, 887l.53. I recently made TWO months payments and called to make another two TODAY to get caught up, but now my loan is with a debt collector? I tried to contact a CENLAR person in person (phone), but each que kept hanging up on me since my account was transferred.

    I tried to call OCWEN (it would really help if that name and website were spelled out on the phone). I couldn't even speak to a real person at OCWEN...each que there hung up on me after stating I owe "zero dollars" and my last payment due was "January 2010". I would REALLY like to pay my loan.

    Before TB&W lost my loan modification paper work twice and then went bankrupt, I used to be 3 months ahead on my mortgage. Now I can't even PAY my mortgage?

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    Bobbi Looney Mar 23, 2010

    I am going through the same thing, matter fact yesterday I called 4 different phone numbers and got hung up on once and someones mailbox asking me to leave a message the other 3 times, I have sent modification papers in twice now and no they say we havent received nothing I faxed the first time and the second I got smarter I thought I sent them certified with signature acceptance mailed back to me, I finally talked to someone today and they say no we havent received anything. And oh yes fees, fees, fees, certified mail, property inspection and alot more bogus fees, but I also contacted alot of people about this matter yesterday, I email the federal trade commission, atty general, and I called public relations today, along with a few others. This is a hopeless situation, It consumes you, its all I think about, and I will keep fighting even if I end up taking them to court because they are a fraudulent company. It is wrong what they do to people.

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    Bulldog1 Apr 05, 2010

    I’m shocked a companies like Ocwen can still exists in this day and age. Their unscrupulous business practices know no bounds. From outright lying to making up fees. Worse still the US movement aka Freddie Mac chooses to do business with them! We had a modification with them and were told there would be no additional fees and subsequently charged 12k multiple in erroneous fees. They will not win my attorney is a bulldog and a close friend. My Dad.

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