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Reviews and Complaints

Sonic Drive-Infood amount/quality

I just left the Sonic off 21st and memorial in Tulsa Oklahoma and when I was there I checked food before leaving; I had ordered a number 3 on toast and on the number 4 light onions. (Light ice on both drinks) and small mozzarella sticks.
One tot was full (normal amount) and the other was maybe 1/3 full . I asked our server if we could have more and he says he didn't out it in the bag like that, basically accusing me of eating half the tots and asking for more. When I said I literally just opened and did a quick food check, and asked to see the manager . Instead of the manager coming back out he returns saying that that is the amount that they are saposed to give ( never was allowed to speak to the manager) and when asking for corporate and manager name he continues to walk to the door like I wasn't even there. Then finally says it's all on the receipt once I started yelling my question.
Night shift usually drops the ball at this location but this was beyond acceptable!! I probably will not eat here because I just paid for food I didn't get, and nothing was fixed and I was treated like crap.
Also clean hands and nails are saposed to be a must and my server look like he was playing in dirt. Honestly would have just asked for my money back and gave the food back but the server wouldn't even stay long enough to listen to my concerns before rushing back inside.

food amount/quality
food amount/quality