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Reviews and Complaints

Dollar Tree verified


I was at work is this was Monday storm on South Harvard Cassie is the manager give me a call I have a emergency that came up and I was already in a bad mood with my name is Nelson Edwards and the way that that the managers are their store talk to you if it's like to make they feel like you're beneath them so I clocked out and left come home to make sure that my house didn't catch on fire but they don't care about nobody but theyselves I'm calling in if I can get to come back for my job I would like to go to a different store because the way they talk to you is ridiculous please give me a call at your earliest convenience my phone number is [protected] thank you

Dollar Tree verified

money identification

On Saturday June 8, 2019 I was purchasing items with a$50 bill in the south Harvard store. When cashier accept payment held my $50 up to light to verify markings. Then looks at me and hands the bill to coworker who does the same thing. Makes snide remark we have had a couple in our store. Two eyes are better than one. I feel this was disrespectful and discrimination against me an African American female in your establishment. If you can't provide your employees with proper identification items. You should have limit on denominations accepted.

  • Su
    Sulphur7 Jun 09, 2019

    Waaahhh! I can't form a logical argument so I will just play the race card!

    You are lucky they even accepted the $50. A lot of places won't. Counterfeiting gets more and more sophisticated all the time. No one cares what your skin colour is. They just want to be sure they aren't accepting a fake bill. I imagine they would like to keep their jobs. Stop judging others based on the colour of their skin! That's racist!

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  • SubSquirrel Jun 09, 2019

    Next time go to a bank first and get smaller bills.

    It had nothing to do with racism. If the bill is fake, they have to replace it

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