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Reviews and Complaints

Resolved smoking in store

You have a new store at 151st street and Memorial, in Bixby, OK
Since you opened, I have smelled smoke in your store.
Your employees smoke, your manager smokes. There is a side door,
that is located by the refrigeration section. There is a security lock on
the door that you have to key a # to get inside.
All of the male employees are young, however the oldest of the
employees is about 50, my age, and is a larger man, 240#. He came
out of the room today when I was smelling the cigarette smoke.
Mrs. King...[protected]
I have a friend that works at another Walgreen's. I asked her about
rules on smoking. She said that there was not supposed to be any smoking
on the entire property of Walgreen's and that I should let you know.

I have seen other employees smoking at the NE corner of the building,
I have seen employees smoking at the merchandice receiving entrance.
This has gone on since your store opened. The one young girl who worked in
the cosmetics (I think she is gone now) was one of your smokers.

Survey #[protected]
Password #[protected] This receipt is when I was in the drivethrough. However,
I was in the store at around 12:00. and that is when the manager was

I own a business and realize the importance of quality control. Best to Walgreens.